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Netflix has been killing it with the original series recently! Amazing original content, like Narcos, Orange Is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, are available for millions to enjoy!

But while Netflix has a ton of original content to watch, it's also got a few great exclusive programs from other networks—like Marvel. Jessica Jones and Daredevil are two of my favorite shows on Netflix! The two series' have allowed Marvel to show just how mature they can be, and they use this freedom from traditional network ratings to deliver us some pretty great content.

While I'll have to wait until who knows when for the next season of Jessica Jones, Daredevil will return with another season this year in March! To prepare for the epic return of Matt Murdock, I've been getting my Daredevil binge on! And not just with the show; I've been reading the comics, and might I say, there are a TON of awesome Daredevil stories to read!

While a lot of them star everyone's favorite lawyer, it isn't always Matt Murdock under that red rubber mask.

While Murdock is the most common name associated with Daredevil, there have been others who have used the title of "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen"! In fact, here are four times in comic book history where Daredevil WASN'T Matt Murdock!

1. Samuel Fisk (Daredevil 2099)

If this guy's last name sounds familiar, that's because it should to any Daredevil fan. Samuel Fisk is the grandson of notorious super-criminal, Wilson Fisk a.k.a Kingpin.

Unlike his sinister family, Samuel actually had a bit of a conscious. Growing up hearing the tale of how his famous grandfather "triumphantly" murdered his greatest nemesis (the original Daredevil), Samuel felt remorse over his grandfather's actions.

After his father died and Samuel assumed control of the Fisk family business, he decided to use his family's dirty money to make a difference in his city. Fashioning himself a hi-tech battle suit, Samuel decided to take up the mantle of his grandfather's nemesis; Daredevil!

Now, while Samuel did try to atone for his family's past sins, he isn't exactly a saint himself. First off, he isn't against using pistols and other deadly weapons to defeat his opponents. Secondly, while he was noticeably different from his grandfather, he did inherit his rage and rather illogical thinking.

A great example of this is when he finds his wife with another man. Upon this discovery, he kidnaps the man, bounds him, and kills him with a bullet to the head.

So while he may not have been as bad as his criminal family, there's still a lot keeping him from being Matt Murdock's true 2099 successor. That glorious title goes to the next guy on this list.

2. Eric Nelson (Daredevil 2099)

Samuel Fisk wasn't the only person in 2099 to assume the role of Daredevil, and he certainly wasn't the coolest! Eric Nelson is the grandson of Matt Murdock's longtime friend and business partner, Foggy Nelson.

Eric was born to a reckless gambling father and a high-class mother. When Eric was young, his father had caused his family to go nearly bankrupt. Desperate to maintain their place in society, Eric's mother remarried. Eric became a lawyer, like his new step-father, and became engaged to the daughter of one of the executives of Alchemax; a corrupt company in 2099.

One day, Eric met an old man named Gunderson, who had developed a device to enhance the human senses. Alchemax tried to buy the device off of him, but Gunderson declined. Knowing that Eric is a lawyer, Gunderson begged him to take his case and defend him against Alchemax—though Eric told him that he should accept Alchemax's offer.

The next day, after hearing about Gunderson's sudden apparent suicide, a strange box arrived for Eric. Accidentally pricking his finger on a sharp corner of the box, Eric began to hallucinate and experience dizzy spells. As it turns out, the device that Gunderson created was actually microscopic nanomite technology that flowed through the bloodstream. After getting pricked by the box, the nanomites entered Eric's body and enhanced his senses on a near-superhuman level!

With his newly acquired abilities, Eric set out to protect his city, fight for justice, and avenge Gunderson's murder as Daredevil!

Of all the Daredevil's on this list, I can already tell you that Eric has the second coolest costume. The number 1 coolest costume, however, goes to this next Murdock substitute!

3. Earth X Daredevil

The mysterious Daredevil from Earth X. With Matt Murdock deceased, a new Daredevil suddenly appeared to continue his legacy. Unlike Murdock however, this new Daredevil's identity was completely unknown to anyone—although many heroes and villains have theorized about his true identity. While some have guessed that this new Daredevil is Foggy Nelson, a Skrull, and even Curt Connors (the former Lizard), The Thing is almost confident that it's Deadpool in disguise.

Thing's belief that this new Daredevil is actually Wade Wilson stems from the fact that he can't die. Because of this, Earth X Daredevil joined a circus and became the star attraction—performing death-defying acts with ease!

Sadly, Daredevil X-despite being practically immortal- made it clear that he actually wished to die. Nevertheless, he used his incredible abilities to aid other heroes in battle, including Captain America and the Earth X version of the X-Men.

What's insanely awesome about this Daredevil is that not only can he not die, but he can also apparently multiply himself. He learns of this ability after being literally torn to shreds by followers of the Church of Immortus.

His separated body parts quickly regenerated and made several copies of himself, resulting in a whole group of Daredevils!

While this Daredevil's true identity is never discovered, it's eventually revealed that he isn't anyone that the heroes previously knew of—and is instead an entirely new character. Whoever he is, his costume, plus his awesome multiplying power, makes him my favorite alternative Daredevil! But there's still one more, and while he can't create clones from his disembodied parts, he's still pretty cool.

4. Reilly Tyne (Darkdevil)

The fourth and final Daredevil on this list, Reilly Tyne, has some crazy family heritage—and because of it, he's quite possibly the most overpowered and bad-ass superhero in the Marvel Universe!

Reilly is the son of Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker (you may remember him from my 4 alternative Spider-Men list). Because of this, he's inherited various amazing spider powers, including superhuman strength, agility, wall-crawling, and spidey-sense.

If that wasn't enough, he's also got the soul of the original Daredevil and the demon Zarathos within him.

Yeah, that guy's crawling around his body...
Yeah, that guy's crawling around his body...

See, Reilly is the son of a clone, and like all Spider-Clones, he began to experience degeneration around the time he hit puberty. Wanting to save Reilly from the same fate that his father met, Kaine (another clone) placed him in a cloning chamber.

After Daredevil is killed saving Kaine's life, Kaine summons Zarathos to save him. Unfortunately, rather than save Daredevil, Zarathos notices Reilly and attempts to posses him. Luckily, Daredevil's soul follows Zarathos into Reilly and manages to keep the demon at bay...mostly.

The result of this strange soul cocktail is a conflicted demonic looking superhero with Spidey-powers, teleportation, the ability to summon a solid flame in any desire shape, and a healing factor. Not only that, but this event caused the degeneration process in Reilly to halt. This insanely powerful hero went by several names, including Daredevil and Hornhead, but he was most commonly known as Darkdevil!

So there you have it, four times Daredevil wasn't Matt Murdock! While Matt will always be the number one protector of Hell's Kitchen, these other Devils have done a pretty good job fighting crime in their own right!


Which alternate Daredevil is your favorite?


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