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When you think of comic book couples, almost immediately Gwen Stacey and Spider-Man, Lois Lane and Superman, or Jean Grey and Scott Summers (Cyclops) come to mind. These couples are renowned for their dedication to each other and their passionate romances. However, what about the other couples whose connection and love is just as profound (or even more so), but who are less in the limelight? Well, on this list I'm presenting five couples who aren't as popular as those above, but their love knows no bounds. Here are 5 underrated comic book couples. Warning, there's spoilers and I don't intend this to be a definitive list. It's merely based on my opinion, and my opinion alone.

5. Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters

They came into each other's lives at the perfect time. Ben was still adjusting to his new form as 'The Thing' and Alicia was a subdued blind woman, under the control of her stepfather, The Puppet Master. Alicia helped Ben feel comfortable in his altered state and he opened her up to the world. Reading the comics, I could sense their dedication and protectiveness towards one another. They shared intimate conversations and loved each other beyond their appearances. Sadly, they eventually parted ways, but remained good friends.

4. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers

Technically, they're from a graphic novel, but I think it's close enough. Scott met Ramona in a dream, she'd happened to be passing by. (this dimension is known as subspace). Ramona, being an independent spirit, initially wasn't interested in him. However, this changed over the course of the book series. Scott has to fight her seven evil exes to continue dating her. They hit a few snags, but ultimately Ramona realizes she can't live without him. They're kindred souls and serve as foils to each other's characters realizing their faults and coming to terms with them, together.

3. Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne

This is one complicated, but enduring relationship. Janet (an entitled socialite) knew Hank as one of her father's colleagues. With the use of synthetic cells and Bio-Synthetic wings he transformed her into the superhero Wasp. During their partnership, she immediately made her feelings clear to him. However, Hank's concern over the age gap and differences in social status kept him from reciprocating her emotions. In response, she tried to make him jealous by showing interest in other men and acted rather childish, until her new line of work and Pym helped her mature. Before they FINALLY got together, they were immensely loyal. They almost always stood in each other's corner. When they got married their union was blissful until Hank (now Yellow Jacket) was having mood swings, and at one point 'accidentally' hit her. They tried to keep the marriage afloat, but they later divorced.

2. Snow White and Bigby Wolf

During their first meeting Bigby (a wolf) became attached to Snow White after saving her. She'd had a bitter divorce and didn't return his advances. He didn't let her frosty nature dissuade him. Gradually, she found herself opening up to him and becoming enamored with him. After they fell under the influence of a spell, she found herself pregnant with his children and their relationship became rocky. However, they eventually reconciled and got married. Being a former villain, Bigby assisted Snow into coming out of her shell more and she saw the best in him when no one else did.

1. Nightwing and Oracle

When Barbara Gordon was Batgirl, she and Nightwing (formerly Robin) fought side by side. However, after the Joker crippled her she retired the role and became Oracle. This was definitely a difficult time for her and seeing him support and encourage her to not give up was endearing. The two later fell head over heels and began a relationship. It's adorable how these two have this long history together, and a deep connection that flourished into a romance. They're 100% dedicated to each other and up for whatever comes their way.

The fact some of these couples are unconventional and under appreciated makes their relationships seem more special. While a few of them didn't last, it didn't mean their unions were pointless. These couples saw their partners at their worst, and guided them to the other side. Everyone grew and for the most part became better people for these relationships. If not, Janet would (probably) still be a spoiled debutante, Ben Grimm wouldn't be confident with his new form and Snow would have remained cold and cynical. While these couples may not get the recognition they deserve, we can take comfort in knowing that their love is just as profound and passionate as the other popular comic book couples.


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