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Danger Girl is a non DC or Marvel comic. The story is about a secret covert spy team brought together by former MI-6 agent Deuce. Deuce recruited a group of special women after reports that a Fourth Reich had been formed and ready to destroy the world. He put together a group of four to fight against the forces that threatened the world: Sydney Savage, Natalia Kassle, Silicon Valerie, and Abbey Chase.

I can't believe I'm saying this but... This movie should tone down the over sexualization that surrounds the comic, but still keep the women sexy in nature. This is what having daughters do to you. Anywho, the first movie should tell the tale that brought about the Danger Girls briefly focusing on each original woman and what makes them special. There should be just three women Sydney, Natalie, and young action hungry tech person Silicon to start. Their first mission would be to Costa Rica in an attempt to retrieve a special artifact and recruitment mission for Abbey Chase. Chase would be an independent agent working the same case, but as Deuce plans they intercept with the attentions of recruiting her.

Another good storyline would be the rise of the Hammer Empire and their influence on the government. It will not be the racially charged version of Hammer, but their motives will be the same. After recruiting Abbey and proving themselves to really be a functional group they are set to take on Hammer indirectly. Upon Deuce's request they will meet Veronica Fox (associate) who has a special mission for the women that should help them take down the Hammer Empire.

There you have it, my plot now on to the fan cast. I usually don't do the director, writer, and producer thing, but I figured I would give it the old college try. Here we go.

Directed by Angelina Jolie

Jolie is an amazing actress who is getting her feet wet behind the camera. Unbroken was her first real big time movie she directed and she did a relatively good job. There were rumors that she would be directing Captain Marvel so if she's allegedly good enough for Marvel she's good enough for me.

Screenplay by Kurt Wimmer

I went with Wimmer because he has not only worked with Jolie before (Salt), but he has done a fantastic job portraying a vision of strong female characters. He’s written Ultraviolet, Street Kings, Total Recall, and Law Abiding Citizen. Pairing them two together would be fantastic.

Produced by Neal H. Moritz

I imagine this movie being funny, action packed, with fast vehicles. Moritz resume is packed with fantastic movies and his evolution. He’s worked with Kurt Wimmer in Total Recall, which is a plus. His resume is stacked with great movies starting with Juice (1992), he’s done movies like Evan Almighty, I am Legend, 21 and 22 Jump Street. He would provide an excellent and fresh take on a film that will be dominated by women. It was has work in Fast and Furious franchise (5-7) that made him my choice.

George Cloooney - Deuce

Deuce is the leader of the Danger Girls the brains and the muscle behind the whole thing. Clooney made sense here because he is one of those actors that has good chemistry with whomever he's on screen with. Leading a team isn't uncharted territory for Clooney seeing as how he was Danny Ocean in Oceans Eleven and Thirteen. Plus having his star power helps.

Cameron Diaz - Veronica Fox

She was excellent in Gangs of New York and if you saw her in Charlies Angels or the terribly received Knight and Day you would know why she would be totally believable as Veronica Fox. On Sex Tape she was sexy, funny much like in Bad Teacher having her in this role would be great. She would a comedic presence to a movie that should be action packed. Fox is a long time associate of Deuce

Emily Blunt - Abbey Chase

Abbey is unassuming, she doesn't exactly have the skill set as some of the other women. She's a firearm and demolition specialist who really proves her worth to the team as the story continues. I choose Blunt here because she's so legit as an action star, plus she'd be great at playing the introvert that turns into a deadly agent.

Abbie Cornish - Sydney Savage

Sydney Savage once worked for the Australian Special Ops before joining the Danger Girls. She's confident, fearless, and reckless, but at times when necessary she does a great job steeling up. She and Abbey don't exactly her along early on, but they eventually become friends. Cornish has her fair share of action movies under her belt with Robocop, Limitless, and Sucker Punch. She's usually the love interest, but she always makes her presence known showing her ability to play two different types of characters in Robocop and Limitless. But her role in Sucker Punch as the butt kicking confident Sweat Pea is what makes her perfect for this role.

Katheryn Winnick - Natalia Kassle

Natalia is a former KGB spy and an original Danger Girl before revealing her loyalties to the Hammer Empire. If you know anything a bunt Winnick it's that she can kick butt. She's a martial arts specialist and a pretty solid actress. On Vikings as Lagitha she's excellent has a strong leader former wife of King Ragnar. She would be excellent especially with this cast. Kassle's turn won't happen until the end of the movie when the good guys look like they've won thus making her an enemy in a sequel.

Emma Watson – Silicon Valerie

If you aren’t familiar with Emma Watson then you obviously haven't seen Harry Potter. And that's ok because. I haven't either. But I have seen her in This is the End, Noah and Perks/Wallflower. She would be perfect to play the role of an adoring, brilliant, young, aspiring Danger Girl. She would be the little sister of the movie always wanting to join, but often overlooked until she gets her chance. Later during the climactic ending Valerie will prove her worth on the battlefield.

Margot Robbie- Sonya Savage

Sonya is skilled with a bow and arrow trained by the Australian secret agency ASIS. Sonya is the younger sister of Sydney who joins the team on a few missions before ultimately becoming a permanent member. Robbie is an up and coming actress who has really started to show her range. At just 25 she has already made a name for herself with memorable roles in Wolf of Wall Street and Focus. But it will be her role as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad that should really standout. As Sonya I have no doubt she would be make her a memorable character. However, I wouldn't make her a focal point in anyway, just a set up for the next film where she becomes a member.

Major Maxim - Joe Manganiello

Leader of the Hammer Empire The Hammer Empire's agenda is like most, to take over the world. Major Maxim was the creation of a mad scientist. He's exceptionally strong and

Agent Zero – Liam Nesson

Agent Zero is an associate of Deuce who assists the Girls from time to time. He's spawned many identities and always appears to be undercover. He's also the father of Abbey Chase, whom he gave up for adoption so she could live a "Normal" life (what is normal anyway?). Liam Nesson has the intimidating look (we don’t want him with his shirt off), voice, the comedic factor, and seriousness to pull off a role. He's also shown the willingness to play a lesser part in a film. Who knows... Maybe Agent Zero could be a spin-off (prequel).

Assassin X - Scott Adkins

An enemy of the Girls and nemesis of Agent Zero. His history with Zero dates back to the death of their sensei. X is part of the Hammer Empire (for this movie) and one the first enemies the girls face before facing one of their own. Adkins is a up and coming action star with crazy fighting skills. He's had small appearances in the Bourne Ultimatum, Expendables, and Zero Dark Thirty. He's been a main man in some Lowe budget action films like Undisputed 2, Ninja, Green Street 3, and Close Range to name a few. X should be a major focus in this film.


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