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2016 is here, a new year filled with exciting new prospects! New films will be released, new tv series will start and new trailers will peak our interest. But what were the best bits of 2015? Read on, and you shall see my thoughts!

Best Trailer of 2015

"Chewy... We're home!"

This was a very close call for me but ultimately, the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens wins the race with Captain America: Civil War by a tiny margin. If you're familiar with my posts, you will know that I am a MASSIVE Marvel fan, so it will come as no surprise that I loved the Captain America: Civil War trailer. I am hugely anticipating this film and actually cannot wait until it is released, but more on that later. The reason that I have chosen Star Wars: The Force Awakens as my best trailer is because of how it made me feel. Star Wars is something I enjoy, but I would never say I was that big a fan of it. But oh man, this trailer was something else. The fact that it shows the audience only a tiny glimpse of what's actually in the film is something I love. I hate it when trailers give away everything or show you all the good bits of the film. This trailer showed us the new characters and also showed us some of the older characters without giving anything away. Most of all, the thing that totally got me, the music in the trailer is phenomenal. I watched it so many times just to hear the background music and EVERY time, I got goosebumps - that is why it just wins it for me. The trailer truly demonstrated the magic of Star Wars while making the audience clamour for more!

Favourite Movie Moment of 2015

Again, this was a tough call. There were so many films that I loved last year but my favourite moment again comes down to the experience of it. I went to the midnight showing of Avengers: Age of Ultron on the day it was released. The cinema was packed with people who were just as eager as me to see this film and we all saw it before anyone else. We experienced the whole thing, we laughed at the jokes, we were shocked by certain events and we witnessed the birth of The Vision (again, more on that later). In the build up to the film, The Vision was a closely guarded secret, we were given small glimpses of his character so when he is finally revealed it was quite a big moment. The Avengers are all arguing about whether they should trust him or not as he was essentially another Ultron. But in this argument The Vision simply states they should make up their own minds, but before they do, they must stop Ultron. At this moment he passes Thor his hammer. At the showing this was one of those slow burn moments, at first people were shocked, but then it quickly turned to laughter as the Avengers realised that this one action was all the proof they needed that he was good.

Favourite New Character of 2015

I was born yesterday
I was born yesterday

I said I would talk more of The Vision, well here it is - he is my favourite new character, with Scott Lang's Ant-Man a close second. Since the MCU began, there has been a constant companion to Tony Stark. No, I'm not talking about James Rhodes, the character I am referring to is JARVIS. In all of the Iron Man films and The Avengers, JARVIS is there to provide Stark with information as and when he needs it. He was somewhat of an unsung hero in my opinion, but now he has his moment! JARVIS has evolved into The Vision and was finally given his time to shine. The Vision appears towards the end of the film but he certainly has an impact. He is an essential member of the team in the battle against Ultron and his importance is described by my moment of 2015. Lifting Mjolnir was huge and it actually allowed him to develop. He will go on to become a huge part of the MCU and I can see him playing a big role in future films... Though I am a little sad to see the end of JARVIS.

Entertainment Person of the Year

This was a tricky one, but the one person I kept going back to in my head was Stephen Amell, the star of Arrow. I love Arrow and as such I started to follow Stephen on Twitter. I like the fact that he doesn't tweet spoilers about the show (unlike some people!) and he is a big supporter of what he is doing. But the thing that really made me give this to him was his ongoing social media feud with the wrestler, Stardust. I am not a wrestling fan, I haven't watched a match for many years, but Amell peaked my interest. The feud turned from a few sly digs at one another on social media to an actual match. The fact that he actually got me interested in wrestling, although briefly, and he actually seems like a really down to earth guy is what clinches this for me.

My Favourite Article of 2015

This is my first year of writing on the site, I initially started because I was asked by one of the staff on Twitter if I fancied giving it a go based on a tweet about the ill fated Fantastic Four film. My first article came about because of the news that Spider-Man would finally be joining the MCU, but I've come a long way since then. It would be easy to say that my favourite article would be the one with the most reads and the most comments (that I also got trolled on for the first time - yay!), Has DC Made a Mistake by Recasting Arrow and The Flash for Their Movies? But no, that isn't the one I was most proud of. The one I'm most proud of is in fact How Marvel Planned for the MCU in the 90s. I wrote this one before I took part in the MPU course and it was the first one of my posts that exploded. I posted it and it had a couple hundred views which I was really happy with. Then, two weeks later, it suddenly went crazy. In a day my total views had gone up by 8000 and my mind was blown. The fact that something I had written had engaged this many people is something that I'm really proud of, and the fact that I wrote it with no help from any of the really awesome mentors is something that I am especially proud of.

What am I Looking Forward to in 2016?

2016 looks to be an even bigger year when it comes to films, particularly superhero films. Not only do we have DC's answer to The Avengers (yes, I went there) in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice but we also have Captain America: Civil War. I have read the original Civil War storyline and I have to say it is very good, if the film matches the source material for quality then it will be something special. Allied to that is the fact that the previous Captain America film, The Winter Soldier, was excellent, I really can't wait for this. The trailer shows just enough of what is happening without giving too much away. But the most exciting bit of all for me, Spider-Man has returned home! Spidey will be in the film and I am confident Marvel will finally give us the Spider-Man we all deserve to see on screen. Marvel also seem to be using a similar approach with Spidey as they did with The Vision and frankly, I am quite happy we have not seen the web-slinger yet. The less we see of him before the film the better for me. I said in my first ever post that it would be wonderful if we didn't know who was cast as Peter before the film's release and the removal of his mask was the first glimpse of the actor for the audience as well as the characters. This obviously won't happen, but the anticipation is certainly building and I really want to see him!

So there you have it, my creator challenge is complete. Do you agree with me? Or do you have other ideas? Let me know in the comments! :)


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