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So as everyone out there knows 2015 is over, and while it did bring some pretty awesome movies, 2016 is also very promising. In this article i will be going through a list of my top ten most anticipated movies fro 2016 in order from least to greatest.

10. Jungle Book

Why do I put Jungle Book at number 10? Well mainly because this movie brings back memories, i used to love the animated movie (still do). also the cast in this movie looks pretty good, granted they're pretty much just voice overs but still.

9. Warcraft

Okay do I even have to explain myself? this movie earns its place on my number 9 spot because of its amazing looking graphics and CGI. another reason is i feel like its got a pretty similar setting to one of my favorite movie trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings. I wouldn't call myself a world of Warcraft fan, but still this movie looks awesome.

8. Star Trek: Beyond

Now first let me start by saying i am only a fan of the new Star Trek movies (even though i totally think that Star Wars The Force Awakens is probably better then the first two combined). and the last two Star Trek movies were actually not nearly as bad as i thought they would be and they have started to grow on me.

7. X-Men: Apocalypse

Okay now we can get into the movies that i will break necks to go see starting with X-Men: Apocalypse. I loved X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and cant wait to see some of my favorite X-Men like Nightcrawler and Quicksilver, although i dont like the way that Apocalypse looks, i got to say he looks so powerful in the trailer and hopes he lives up to the reputation he has in the comics.

6. Suicide Squad

Some people want to see this movie some people dont, i would defiantly consider myself a person who really wants to see this movie. i cant wait to see this new kind of comic book movie. another reason, the new Joker. Now i have heard people say that Jared Leto sucks, simply because hes too young to play the role. I think hes perfect for the type of Joker that this movie is trying to portray.

5. Deadpool

Deadpool i for sure in my top 5 favorite marvel characters anyway so it makes sense that this one comes in at number 5. Why? Because deadpool is a really funny characters and i like really funny characters, and even if he wasn't funny the character and the story that goes with him are just awesome.

4. Doctor Strange

This movie i think will be a very important movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because it will most likely add in the 5th infinity stone, and if thats not important Thanos story then i dont know what is (even though this movie will probably have nothing to do with Thanos)

3. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Now were down to 3, Btman V superman will be very important as well for the reason that it is kinda like The Avengers for DC Cinematic Universe. When it brings the three biggest A-listers in comic book history (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) all in one movie.

2. Captain America: Civil War

I really shouldn't have to explain myself o this one either, its only the greatest comic book story in marvel and the last movie in the Captain America trilogy and there will be casualties. Also its a homecoming for Spider-Man and and introduction for Black Panther and on top of that maybe some Red Hulk.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

So it seems like we will have a Star Wars movie every year for the next few years and I dont care what other movies come out in that year as well I will always put the Star Wars movie first (with an exception of Avengers Infinity War or Justice League). Rogue One is going to be awesome, maybe not as good as The Force Awakens but it will still be amazing.

So do you agree with me? Which are you most excited for? and what are your top ten most anticipated movies of 2016? let me know in the comments.


which one are you most excited for?


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