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Deaf Bsl Power!


Welcome to my website, Deaf BSL Power.

Thank you for visiting, I am a deaf comedian and I entertain audiences in deaf clubs and children show and UK and USA

You can check my shop see my photos and also buy DVDs.

DvD season 1 , buy DVD is 3 pound

DVD HD season 1, but DVD is 4 pound

must be Over 12 age and Bsl sign .

About me

Danny Murphy is a Deaf BSL user. Following on from his hugely successful, first stand up appearance late in 2013 Danny has moved into bigger and bigger audiences, entertaining in Deaf clubs and children show . Danny brings his observations to life, engaging his audience in hours of laughter and reflection.

He has been on TV programmes such as Bsl Zone , had many recorded interviews and actor on Alone short film

He has also had many interviews for newspapers, The Guardian being his most recent. All have been very positive about his song

you can also buy his DVDs from this email.


Contact him on [email protected] or


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