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It's officially 2016, folks! This means that one of the most anticipated comic book films of the year, Suicide Squad, is only seven months away. And with that being said, there are still many questions about the film that have yet to be answered. The question that has me the most curious is who is the character that comedian Ike Barinholtz is portraying?

The only hint we have received toward conceiving an answer is from the actor himself saying:

“I have David Ayer in my head being like, ‘I’m going to kill you if you say anything,’ I can say it’s probably not who you think it is. I can say that he’s definitely someone that people will not like, and he is someone who likes to really mess with people — likes to really hurt people and F them up.”

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Since Barinholtz was cast back in April of 2015, fans have come up with theories and speculations as to who he is playing. He are some ideas that aren't too ridiculous and could fit. Bare in mind, this is purely speculation.

Edward Nygma / The Riddler

My favorite Batman rogue besides The Joker because let's face it, everyone loves The Joker. This is very possible considering that Mr. E is pretty big on effing with people. His elaborate, disconcerting, yet very fatal traps and puzzles could rankle any citizen of Gotham. In The original Batman vs Superman trailer, we can catch a glimpse of the infamous green question mark insignia hinting that there already is an established Riddler in the DC Extended Universe.

In the Suicide Squad trailer, we even catch a small cameo from the bat vigilante himself riding atop of The Joker and Harley Quinn's getaway car.

Thus, we have a bridge between the two films. The DC Extended Universe already contains an established veteran Batman so it isn't hard to believe that The Master Of Mindgames and The Dark Knight would've crossed paths before ending with Nygma behind the cold, iron bars of Arkham Asylum.

Dr. Hugo Strange

This theory is more believable than The Riddler theory considering that Strange has a remarkable past of experimenting with people and effing them up. A few months after he was cast, Barinholtz described his character as:

"...someone you would not want at your house for dinner. He’s a very troubled human being. "

I'm sure we fans can agree in unison by saying that no one wants Hugo Strange at their dinner table. The Riddler wouldn't be as bad to have at the dinner table and he isn't as troubled in the mind as Professor Strange is. This character has a history with cruel experimentation on the inmates of Arkham Asylum which we can assume is a primary setting based on the fact that The Joker's lounge pants have 'Asylum' printed down the leg and exactly where else would you hold these dangerous, sick people!

There's only thing that debunks this rumor and that is the fact that B.D. Wong will be portraying the character on Gotham when it returns from it's winter break on February 29th. DC does not prefer to cross their streams when it comes to using characters. It's very unlikely that we'd be getting two different interpretations of the same character at the same time or else we would currently have characters like the Blue Beetle, The Caped Crusader, The Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and The King Of Alantis on The CW's Flarrowverse as their existences have all been alluded to.

An Original Character

It isn't very uncommon for DC media to create brand new characters for specific content. I mean, look at Harley Quinn, a beloved character who is finally making her live-action cinematic debut. She did not originate from the comics. She was created for the sole purpose of giving The Joker a 'Robin', in the '90s cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series. We also have characters such as Fish Mooney and Chloe Sullivan belonging to the mythos of Gotham and Smallville. It certainly would not be all that surprising if they decided to craft a whole new brand of psychopath in their extended universe.

Fans usually tend to voice harsh receptions when it comes to outlandish casting choices like this. I, for one, have faith in in Barinholtz whether he's playing The Riddler or Hugo Strange or an original character. Actors deserve a chance to explore other parts of their talents, especially comedians. Barinholtz himself stated:

The only thing I can say is that it’s a very different side of me that you haven't seen on "The Mindy Project" or "Neighbors

And described the tone of the movie stating,

It appeals to people’s dark side a little more.
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Out of the two, I truly hope that he is revealed to be The Riddler because I love that character so much. I think he's very fun. If he is revealed to be Strange, I wouldn't be disappointed or surprised. Well, I would be disappointed at the fact that we wouldn't be seeing Nygma on the big screen once again. I can hold out hope, for now, that we might get more hints this month when the new Suicide Squad trailer drops during the DC Films: Dawn of the Justice League special on the CW along with exciting new Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Wonder Woman footage airing on The CW January 19 at 9:30 P.M.


Who Do You Believe Ike Barinholtz Is Portraying?


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