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The Walking Dead season 6 spoiler alert!

Earlier, in this article, I dived into this trailer:

This article, however, is going to focus on two of the things that might not have been all that obvious the first 20 times you watched the trailer!

The first thing is the scene where these two people hold hands while walking out of the house of 1,000 corpses:

It was most definitely Jessie taking Carl's hand. I know this because of this shot from the mid-season finale-

Remind you of something from the comic?

Rick, at some point in the comics, has to chop Jessie's hand off because she won't let go of Carl after she's overtaken by walkers. Abraham later ends Zombie Jessie, after she gets chomped on by the zombie herd. But it's kind of eerie that Jessie and Carl are holding hands here, is it not?

The second scene is this one, where the hardened Rick & Carl Grimes look absolutely mortified:

And Maggie screamin her preggo head off:

Not even going to try to decipher who she's screaming for, because it sounds too much like Glenn, and in the trailer, it's immediately after the Suprised Grimeses. But take those three, after all they've seen and been through, and think; what in the world would it take to make the react in such a way? A herd of walkers? Hell no!

Someone very close to them just bit the dust, and it's going to rock your feels to the gosh darned core.

In closing, here is this pic again, just because it took my longer to make than most other pics I've dreamt up for my cockamamie articles-



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