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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn't come out until March 25 of this year (FINALLY!), after this film we'll be getting a lot of solo movies that go more in depth of the members of the Justice League, which is quite nice, but some people are "worried" about the solo Batman movies, not so much about the movies themselves, but the villains who'll appear in them, because almost all the Batman films feature the same villains as the previous movies had had. So below are 17 villains, almost all of us, would like to see!

Ra's al Ghul - Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy is an incredible actor and he totally bosses every single role he's in like Pirates of the Caribbean for example . If you'd like a good image of what he'd be like as Ra's, then you best watch the Underworld movies or you could look at this image:

Poison Ivy - Svetlana Khodchenkova

You might remember Svetlana best for her portrayal of Viper in The Wolverine. She'd make a great Poison Ivy because she's already played a scientist and a poisonous type villain in the above mentioned movie. And she's Russian.

Mr. Freeze - Ian Kahn

When George Washington first appeared on Turn: Washington's Spies (who Ian Kahn so happens to play) I instantly felt like he'd make a great Victor Fries. Arnold Schwarzenegger played an exceptional version, but definitely not the greatest.

Mr. Zsasz - Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend recently played Agent 47 in Hitman: Agent 47 and not only him, but the other agents are good hand-to-hand combatants as well as great marksman. So it'd basically be a no-brainer to cast someone other than him.

Scarface / Ventriloquist - Larry David and Anthony Hopkins

Now Larry David actually looks pretty similar to the comic version of the Ventriloquist, so he'd be perfect for the role and he's a funny guy. Now countless people could voice Scarface, but Anthony Hopkins has a pretty distinct voice, so he's my pick for the foul mouthed puppet.

Hush - Clive Owen

Clive Owen would be a perfect companion for the caped-crusader...Now by companion I mean friend to Ben Affleck's Batman / Bruce Wayne, plus they look kind of similar (Affleck and Owen).

Clayface - Jason Clarke

Clayface is a hard guy to cast not only because you have to pick someone to voice him, but also someone who'd be his pre-clay part. Jason Clarke has a great voice and could be a scientist / detective easily.

Man-Bat - Dylan McDermott

You might remember him as the psychiatrist from the first season of American Horror Story, and he'd make a great Man-Bat, not only because of his looks but also for that role in AHS.

Mad Hatter - Martin Short

I don't have to say much because you'll just have to see the 1999 Alice in Wonderland just to see how great Martin Short is as Mr. Hatter. Just perfect.

Dr. Hugo Strange - James Cromwell

Another American Horror Story actor who'd be great for a role in the DCEU. James Cromwell played the messed up Dr. Arthur Arden who not only looks like Hugo Strange and acts like him, but resembles this above image, its just freaky how much they resemble eachother!

Scarecrow - Robert Garlen

Robert Garlen is a great actor who just needs to play a psychopath.

Riddler - Crispin Glover

Crispin is a fan favorite for the casting of the Joker, but he'd also make a great "big question"? He's just been great in so many movies.

Penguin - Clark Middleton

It's time they finally bring the Penguin a smaller person. Clark Middleton would be the best looking actor to pull off this umbrella-wielding kingpin. He just looks perfect.

Two-Face - Mads Mikkelsen

Mads has already shown us what it is to be two-faced: Hannibal. Even what it takes to be a great villain and crime boss: Casino Royale. He'd be great.

Catwoman - Jaimie Alexander

Now Jaimie would have been an awesome Wonder Woman, but as someone told me, "Wonder Woman is a Greek and Amazonian, they have different colored skin, so Gal as Wonder Woman is going to be great." I agree.

Her role as Lady Sif in Marvel's Thor isn't really big. Hopefully Blindspot will help her become a household name. Or maybe she could come over to DC?

Black Mask - Viggo Mortensen

If a movie is going to have Catwoman, then we just need to have Black Mask in it as well. Viggo is just great as Aragorn but his other roles are even better. We just need to make him a crime boss.

Red Hood - Jamie Bell

The Red Hood is already rumored to appear in the Batman standalone movie and since we aren't getting a sequel to Fant4stic, then Jamie would be great as Jason Todd.

But What Do YOU Think? What Characters Would YOU Like To See In the Future Batman Movies and Who'd YOU Like To See Play Them? Tell Me YOUR Thoughts In the Comments Below! THANKS FOR READING!!


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