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Kylo Ren. The most recent badie in the Star Wars universe that serves as a threat to the galaxy. This character has been battling his inner feelings for quite some time, and he finally set himself onto the path of darkness by killing his father Han Solo. Some recent reviews of the new film include the criticism of Adam Driver's character. People state that he is not a Star Wars villain and his character is too vague. While Kylo Ren may not be considered a Star Wars villain (yet), he is most definitely not a one-dimensional character.

He is Still Battling His Inner Feelings

"Show me again, grandfather..."
"Show me again, grandfather..."

Kylo's character is not yet finished. Yes, he has taken his first steps to the Dark Side but that doesn't mean that he will end up in that position. He falters back and forth from the Light Side and the Dark Side. We all know that Darth Vader ends up ending his life on the Light Side of the Force, and since the seventh film mirrors 'A New Hope' heavily, we may be seeing the same thing happen with Kylo Ren.

General Leia explains in the film that Kylo was seduced to the Dark Side by Supreme Leader Snoke. An interesting theory that has been circulating the web is that Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis. If this is true, this will make the next few sentences interesting. In concept art, we see that Hayden Christensen was about to reprise his role of Anakin Skywalker, this concept art also includes Anakin's figure slowly turning into Darth Vader. In the book Darth Plagueis, it states that Darth Plagueis is a shape-shifter. This would explain why Kylo Ren sat in front of Darth Vader's helmet and said "Show me again, grandfather, the power of the Dark Side." Kylo Ren may have always had interest in his grandfather, and seeing his potential power, Snoke could have shape-shifted into Darth Vader to spark Kylo's Dark Side... Just a theory.

Kylo May Be Replaced

A Sith Master is always looking for the most promising apprentice. We've seen numerous times in the Star Wars films, two men being manipulated into fighting each other and using their anger by the hand of the Sith Master. For example, Luke and Darth Vader; Anakin and Count Dooku. It may just be me, but in my sole opinion, I believe that Rey will eventually turn to the Dark Side (or get really, really close.) At the end of The Force Awakens, the epic battle between Kylo and Rey breaks out. If it wasn't for the splitting of ground on Starkiller Base, Rey would have most likely killed Kylo Ren. If you watch the film again, you can see that hate and anger in her eyes as she comes close to striking him down. This could prove to Supreme Leader Snoke that Kylo Ren may not be the person he is looking for. Like Emperor Palapatine trying to convince Luke Skywalker to strike down his father, and take his place by his side to learn the powers of the Dark Side. I even think that Kylo may be aware of this, because after he totally demolishes those unfortunate computers when a Commander exclaimed that the Droid has escaped with a girl, he choked the man and asked "What girl?" Right then and there, we know that Kylo knows who Rey really is. He is obviously feeling threatened by her in some way, and possibly is aware of what she is capable of doing. How this certain theory will end? I have no clue, I'll have to see the Episode XIII's trailer to make an assumption.

OR... He Could Surpass Darth Vader

If the Darth Plagueis theory reins to be true (including him shape-shifting into Darth Vader), Kylo Ren will eventually kill Supreme Leader Snoke out of hatred. Just like the Masters and Apprentices of the Sith, the Apprentice will kill the Master and take their place. Kylo Ren will eventually realize how much Snoke has cheated him, especially on lying about having a vision of Vader, and kill him. Kylo has guts for killing his father, and he most definitely has the potential to have more power than his grandfather. He let's his anger lash out, unlike Vader who was calm and collected during his 'moments'. Kylo has the potential to embrace the Dark Side to it's full extent and becoming one of the legends that the Star Wars Universe often speaks about.

What makes Kylo Ren spectacular is that he is about the 'why' and not the 'what'. We all want to learn why Kylo Ren turn to the Dark Side and we get hints and clues throughout the film, but it also leaves us hanging. Leaving us hanging is actually one of the best things that J.J. Abrams could do, because it leaves us many years to speculate... Which is why we are here! We see Kylo's struggle as he takes on the Dark Side, and you can't help but be intrigued by the reasons of his actions. It's brilliant!

A great thing about this character is you actually have no clue on which direction he is going to take. He has potential on being the next Sith Lord (especially if Disney orders another trilogy, then it is almost certain that one of the new characters will be a Sith). Kylo Ren is not a one dimensional character, he has feelings. He expresses those feelings, which is loss and hatred. If anything, he is most intriguing character in the new film, he killed one of our most beloved characters, he is not steady with the Force and he has a past (just like Rey) that is not too clear at the moment. I am excited to see where Rian Johnson takes this character and what he does with our beloved Star Wars.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hello, my name is Joseph Johnson! I am an aspiring screenwriter and film director. I have been doing self-studying of films for many years, and absolutely love the magic of cinema. Through cinema, we are able to lose ourselves in a world of fantasy, romance and action. I recently wrote a play entitled '1001 Weimaraners: A Parody' and took an Advanced Screenwriting course at none other than the University of Southern California. I am currently working on more scripts for short films and features I hope to one day pitch to producers and studios. I hope you enjoyed this article (and don't worry, they will get better, I feel like the first article is always rough, just like a first draft of a film :p) If you would like to read more articles from me, go ahead and hit the follow button! I will try to post as often as I can with my busy schedule. But until we see each other again, may the force be with you!

"May the Force Be With You."
"May the Force Be With You."

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