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SPOILER ALERT! (Do not read if you dislike spoilers)

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters and got very excited about it. One aspect that I love about the movie is that its characters are very connected to the past. However I felt like it left more questions than answers. I think this was intentional, because they wanted to save some important information for a later time. But since I am not a fan of mysteries, I went on a quest to find answers to these lingering questions. The saga has a certain rhyme and rhythm to it, and after watching the movies enough certain patterns emerge. Doing my forensics and analysis, these are my twelve predictions for the upcoming STAR WARS trilogy. It is the ultimate space opera about the Skywalker family:

1) Han Solo died at the hand of his son Kylo Ren

I'm sorry, but Han Solo is really dead. I know... I was in disbelief too when Kylo Ren killed his dad in cold blood. I think he was mad at his dad for sending him to Uncle Luke for Jedi camp during his youth. Because of his anger and rage, Snoke found a pathway to bring Kylo Ren to the Dark Side. He then convinced him to pull a Vader and kill Luke's students.

However I find it hard to believe Han will return. First Han got pierced through the chest with a light saber. Then he fell into the dark abyss just minutes before the planet blew up. Qui-Gon Jinn got pierced through in a similar manner by Darth Maul, and Qui-Gon did not make it out alive either.

Queen Amidala & Rey Skywalker
Queen Amidala & Rey Skywalker

2) Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter

It's quite obvious Rey is a Skywalker. If you compare photos with her grandmother Amidala, you'll notice Rey inherited her hair. The real question is whether she is Luke or Leia's child. In The Force Awakens, Han did not recognize Rey when they met. However he was generous enough to offer her a job on the Millennium Falcon. When Rey met Leia, its obvious they never met each other before. Leia did not hug her like she would a daughter. However Leia instinctively knew who she was. This means that Rey is Luke's daughter. Maz Kanata gave Rey the light saber of Anakin Skywalker because she was the proper heir. This also explains why Leia sent Rey to meet Luke once they pinpointed his location.

When they speak to each other, they could combine two great Star Wars lines into one. Luke: "I am your father." Rey: "I know."

3) Luke programmed R2-D2 to show Rey the map

A big question is why R2-D2 woke up from sleep mode when Rey arrived. C-3PO revealed R2 was like that ever since Master Luke left. This is because Luke programmed his droid to do that as a set up. Luke wanted his daughter to find him, but only at the proper time. He also wanted to make sure she was not going to turn to the Dark Side. Luke also gave the missing clue to his whereabouts to a close and trusted friend, so he could watch Rey while she grew up on the planet Jakku. After Luke's life went to hell, he hid away at the first Jedi temple where the prophecy of the Chosen One originated. He wanted to figure out what the early Jedi knew.

Early in the movie Rey said she thought Luke Skywalker was a "myth". This may be the effect of propaganda and brainwashing of the First Order, to rewrite the history of the galaxy. However it appears that Luke also used a Jedi mind trick to block out her memory at age five when she was left on Jakku. Kylo Ren undid this when he tried to use the Dark Side to read Rey's mind. This plan backfired, and she ended up reading his mind instead. Then Rey remembered her early training with the Force.

Supreme Leader Snoke
Supreme Leader Snoke

4) Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis

This thought sends chills up my spine. Evil has a name. Darth Plagueis is the ultimate villain who cheated death. The Sith lord did not die at the hand of Darth Sidious, but rather DECEIVED his apprentice into thinking he was dead. He used the emperor and Darth Vader as puppets to aid him in his rise to power. He bought his way back into power after the death of the emperor. He then created the First Order out of the shambles of the empire. Darth Plagueis made his immense fortune from banking, from which he financed the construction of Starkiller Base.

He communicates through holograms to his top underlings, because he doesn't want a repeat of what Darth Sidious did to him. He is sandbagging Kylo Ren, as evidenced by when his apprentice lost the light saber battle with Rey. Darth Plagueis has achieved great power, and his only fear is losing it. Emperor Palpatine was content to control the reigns of central government. Under the empire, most star systems maintained some level peace and independence.

However Darth Plagueis has bred a new kind of evil. He believes in totalitarianism and wants to control even what people think and believe. In his hologram projections he appears over twenty-five feet tall. This shows he is the biggest threat yet. Also both Snoke and Darth Plagueis were referred to by their apprentices as "Wise".

5) Finn is related to Lando Calrissian

Come on, we know he's related somehow. Lando is probably his dad. Finn was captured at a young age by the First Order. They turned him into a storm trooper, but he proved resistant to their brain washing techniques. Finn was a slave that found freedom from the First Order. His ID number was FN-2187. This was also the number of Princess Leia's prison cell on the first Death Star. During his first combat mission, he made a choice to not kill for them. Since Finn worked in sanitation, FN may stand for "Filth Neutralizer".

Since Finn's family name was concealed from him, this means his family is important and prominent. Lando was a businessman and scoundrel, who became wealthy as the Administrator of Bespin. He also served as a general for the Rebel Alliance and became a war hero at the Battle of Endor. The death of his friend Han Solo may prompt him to come out of hiding. He might also try to get his hands on the Millennium Falcon without Han trying to interfere.

6) Captain Phasma is Rey's mother

It's been revealed she will be the ultimate baddie. Capt. Phasma watches over storm troopers in order to keep them in line and does so with a mothering instinct. Luke and Capt. Phasma probably were lovers before she joined the First Order. However Capt. Phasma believed in the empire, and joining the First Order was her opportunity to advance that ideology and system of rule. Luke might have given her some training with the Force. This might also explain why Finn had some light saber training.

7) Captain Phasma is Obi-wan Kenobi's daughter

"This is not the plot twist you’re looking for."

This is another huge spoiler. Luke was interested in Phasma because she was the daughter of his beloved mentor. Much of the evidence for this relation is seen in their daughter Rey. First of all, she and Obi-wan are the only two heroes in Star Wars that have British accents. Everyone else with a British accent is an evil villain or underling. When strapped into the interrogation chair, she pulled a successful Jedi mind trick to convince the storm trooper to release her. You have to give her points for this, even though it took her two tries. She is also seen poking around Starkiller Base, much like what Obi-wan did on the first Death Star.

Rey is the granddaughter of Obi-wan and Anakin. This makes her both a Skywalker and a Kenobi. She is a very powerful Force user, and the fate of the galaxy rests in her hands.

Vader's Burnt Helmet
Vader's Burnt Helmet

8) Kylo Ren later becomes one of the Good Guys

How can I say this after Kylo Ren killed his dad? What about his psychopathic tendency to smash everything in sight during his fits of rage? He's needed to fulfill a prophecy. Kylo Ren will change, but his past actions will still have consequences. Likewise Darth Vader changed his ways, but his past actions had consequences which cost him his life. Kylo Ren will have a tough time convincing everyone his change is sincere and no one will trust him.

Kylo Ren has surrendered his will to Darth Vader and will follow him in every way, whether good or bad. He does so with a religious fanaticism. He even prays to Darth Vader's burnt helmet, which he pulled out of the pyre at Endor. He found it because Uncle Luke told him its location. Kylo Ren prays, "I will finish what you began".

Kylo Ren will commit many more atrocities, and many will grow to hate him even more. He thinks he will destroy the last Jedi. However because he worships Grandpa Vader, he will become just like him. Kylo Ren will turn on his master. With some help he will kill Darth Plagueis, because a joint effort is required to take him down. Supernatural power is keeping Darth Plagueis alive, and only supernatural power will kill him. It's only fair that Kylo Ren dies in the process. After their demise the Dark Side will be defeated once and for all.

9) Luke will complete his daughter Rey’s training and Darth Plagueis will complete the training of Kylo Ren

This will prepare for the ultimate showdown between two powerful Force users. Be prepared to see a huge wizard duel. Rey though will outshine the darkness and win the duel. Kylo Ren will see the error of his ways through the influence of his cousin Rey and maybe even his mother Leia.

Because Darth Sidious betrayed and tried to kill his master, Darth Plagueis did away with the Rule of Two when he finally rose to power. Because the Jedi are already eliminated, Darth Plagueis no longer needs to hide from them. So he raised up the Knights of Ren to carry out his evil bidding. Kylo Ren will be their leader until he turns to the light. Rey and Kylo Ren will play a huge role in destroying them.

10) "I am Anakin's father"

"That's not true! That's impossible!"

This is the ultimate spoiler in the trilogy. Darth Plagueis is Anakin Skywalker’s father. Likewise he is Luke and Leia's grandfather and also Rey and Kylo Ren’s great grandfather. Darth Plagueis created Anakin by his tampering with the Force.

He knew that Darth Sidious would not play second fiddle during his rise to political power. So Darth Plagueis created a being powerful enough to destroy his apprentice if he ever needed it. He has a huge interest in the Skywalker family because he is in fact a Skywalker. By his own arrogance, Plagueis will have sown the seeds of own destruction and bring about his downfall.

Plagueis never intended Anakin to have children. Because they are a threat to him, Plagueis seeks the destruction of the entire Skywalker bloodline. This explains why he is trying so hard to kill Luke. He knows that Luke may have the knowledge necessary to bring him down. Though Luke may go out Obi-wan style, this will not be the end for him. Luke will become more powerful than what anyone can possibly imagine.

11) The Force willed to destroy both the Jedi & the Sith

The prequel trilogy is about the great tragedy that fell upon the Jedi order. At the time Yoda and the other Jedi forgot who they were. They became arrogant, stuck up, and were too busy gazing at their own navels. They outlived their usefulness because they were unable to deal with the problems that plagued the galaxy.

They did a poor job of mentoring Anakin who desperately wanted a father figure in his life. They did not even help a friend of a friend by rescuing Anakin's mother Shmi from the bonds of slavery. They also could not find the Sith lord they were looking for, even though he hid under their noses the entire time. The Force allowed the Sith to return to power in order to destroy the Jedi. Since the Jedi did not have a change of heart, the Force wanted a change of faces.

However the Force spared its two most noble members, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, to train Luke. Yoda spent years in exile in the Dagobah swamp and Obi-Wan lived in the Tatooine desert. This was the ultimate lesson in humility, and they both learned that lesson. However the Force allowed Kylo Ren to kill the young Jedi students, because Luke wanted to create something too similar to what the Force sought to eradicate. Luke got his lesson in humility as well during his exile.

12) The Skywalker bloodline is the “Chosen One”

The Skywalkers are the fulfillment of the ancient Jedi prophecy. Darth Vader destroyed the Jedi order. Likewise Anakin Skywalker killed Darth Vader and his master Darth Sidious in an act of ultimate redemption. After the Battle of Endor Luke was the last Jedi, and Darth Plagueis was the remaining Sith.

The seed of Anakin will in turn kill Darth Plagueis and thus destroy the Sith. They bring balance to the force by eradicating the cancer which is the Dark Side. The Skywalkers will raise an entire generation of new Jedi. They will live without the corrupting influence of the Sith and the rigid rules of the old failed Jedi Order. Then love, justice, and truth will prevail.

The moral of the story is to never ignore a prophecy.

The Skywalker family
The Skywalker family

This is the Skywalker family tree-- a tribute to the galaxy's most screwed up family. The patriarch of the family is a dark Sith lord.


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