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Lets go ahead and get the obvious out of the way...'Why are you posting something 2015 related when its 2016?" Well, i was challenged 3 days ago with this and i was busy but mostly lazy but i finally got it done so here it is. 5 categories with 5 questions and answers, simple as that. Heres my quick recap of my personal favorites.


This film greatly intrigues me for a few reasons with it being helmed from a solid Director and Writer David Ayer (FURY/HARSH TIMES) making me wonder the overall tone he'll be using aside from it being dark but in terms of the visual look and color grading. The cast is another huge appeal with the lovely Margot Robbie serving as Harley Quinn which I'm most excited for along with the talented Jared Leto doing the Joker with a new look this time around and rightfully so as this cant go in the vein of Nolan's trilogy as it needs its own footing and the fact that Batman has a cameo in this as well is the icing on the cake for me as i think Ben Affleck is going to be a angry badass Batman. The trailer is beautifully put together with minimal dialogue that showcases the sharp visuals fit perfectly to a depressing rendition of the Bee-Gee's I Got A Joke.


Yeah thats right, Leonardo DiCaprio uses a horse carcass to survive the harsh weather overnight and rumor has it it was a real one. Put that with the real bison liver and real fish he ate in the film and tell me the man doesn't deserve an Oscar alone off of that methodical acting. All Animal gore aside, The Revenant is the most beautifully shot film of the year perhaps even several. A true must see.


TOM HARDY is the man, theres no denying that and for those who were Mad Max Fury Road changed your perspective. The best action film hands down of 2015 largely thanks to real stunts and minimal shitty CGI. Mad Max says little but action speaks louder than words and when he gets to kicking ass he says a whole lot! I loved this movie so much with him , i bought the game for my Xbox and spent 2 months beating up wastelanders.


The Hateful Eight has been hyped for a while making it one of the most anticipated films and more attention seemed to find Quentin in the spotlight this year, some planned and some not but either way he was in the media. He went all out along with Panavision and The Weinstein Brothers to bring back historic lenses used for shooting some of Hollywoods grandest films in the golden age and retrofitting select theaters with huge 70mm projectors along with training projectionists to be able to properly show it and even manufactured programs to be given out for its roadshow which including an overture and intermission. Its hard to not respect his admiration and dedication to the craft.


Hold up, didn't this just come out today in 2016? Well its right and wrong, it came out today for its wide release on its shorter digital format version however it came out with its roadshow 70mm film release for select cities which included LA here so i lucked out and watched it on Christmas in 2015 and what a great film it is.

Naysayers will say its too much dialogue or too little happens but for those of us who know what we are watching naturally acknowledge what we're being treated to and thats a lost art of true cinema and theatre experience the way it was meant to be only to see itself diminished decades later with the current state we see now however one man has resurrected it just for us out of sheer passion and love. It was worth the wait and has tons of little pieces in itself to appreciate over and over again on.

With '15 a wrap, '16 has a slate of great films to come still and i cant wait!


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