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2015 brought us some stellar (and unfortunately horrible) superhero flicks with Marvel's Age of Ultron and Ant-Man taking their places in the MCU and the horrendous Fantastic 4 reboot making many theorize that the rights to the team would go back to Marvel. 2016 is set to impress with movies pouring out from Fox, Marvel, and Warner Bros. superhero fans will see a total of eight movies based off of their favorites characters from all over the comic book world. While many fans have been debating whether Captain America Civil War or Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice will rack in the dough, my question is which movie will be the best? Which movie will fans wants to see over and over again and remember as the greatest superhero movie of 2016? Below are my predictions from worst to best!

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Release Date - June 3rd

Every movie on this list is sure to please some fans, and being the lowest ranked movie is by no means a way of saying this movie will be bad. I think TMNT2 has a chance at being a pretty decent movie. The first movie in the franchise featured some cool action sequences, decent CGI, and an okay cast. Though ultimately it fell a little flat, and garnered a low Rotten Tomatoes score of 21%. If the second movie can fix the mistakes of the first, better CGI, less boring Megan Fox scenes, and a bigger focus on the actual turtles and not the drama of the science lab fire years ago, than just maybe this film will be good. Bringing in some fan favorite characters, such as Bebop, seems to be a step in the right direction.

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? Not at all.

7. Gambit

Release Date - October 7th

I am hopefully optimistic for this movie! I think Channing Tatum makes an excellent choice to play the kinetic harnessing mutant (despite some rumors that he dropped out, rest be assured he is still signed on to play the New Orleans fan favorite). It seems as though the movie is going in a good direction, the casting call we saw late last year is a good indication that the movie will feature some awesome characters straight from the pages of the comic books. Unfortunately, fans of the animated television show of the 90's, the timeline is so messed up after the events of Days of Future Past that it seems highly improbable that we'll see any romance between Remy and Rogue, seeing as she definitely won't be in the movie.

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? No, not really.

6. X-Men Apocalypse

Release Date: - May 27th

As much as I loved Days of Future Past, it seriously made the timeline super confusing, ages of characters are all over the place, the original triology never happened, and Wolverine has an even harder time getting his memories straight. Now, that being said, I am seriously exicted for this movie! The trailer looks fantastic, Oscar Isaac is sure to impress in the role of the ancient super mutant Apocalypse, and the star studded cast includes returning favorites Michael Fassbander, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawerence and the addition of brand new actors to portray Storm, Angel, Scott Summers, and Jean Grey. Everything about this movie is exciting, and they can take it litteraly any direction they want following DoFP. It gets such a low rank simply because this year is going to be filled to the breaking point with phenomenal movies!

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? Sure! If everything else fails to live up to our expectations.

5. Suicide Squad

Release Date - August 5th

Jared Leto as the Joker is going to be fantastic! 2015 was full of news about how crazy Leto has become by immersing himself in the role. The movie itself features a star studded cast, with the legend himself Will Smith playing Deadshot, Margot Robbie playing the crazed doctor Harley Quinn, and more! The movie takes a fresh spin on the superhero genre by focusing on the villains! And what better way than doing that than by taking a bunch of crazy superpowered villains and forcing them to work together to go on dangerous missions. Those familiar with the CW's Arrow have already seen a few iterations of this team, but never to the magnitude the movie is about to take them!

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? Oh yeah! Any other year and it would defininetely take the spot!

4. Deadpool

Release Date - February 12th

Deadpool has the closest release date, coming out the weekend of Valentine's Day. I could not be more excited for this movie! This may be the closest comic book to film adaption we've ever seen of a comic book character. Ryan Reynolds has really become the character, his twitter feed, all the promotional videos and images, and everything else we've seen about the movie points to it being simply amazing. Being the first R-Rated movie in the X-men world is quite a risk, but one that I definitely think will pay off. It'll be action packed and hilarious and I will definitely be there opening day with a chimichanga.

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? Yes! Yes a thousands times, but then again, we still have three more movies on this list...

3. Doctor Strange

Release Date - November 4th

Personally, this might be the movie I am most excited for! I love the mystical side of superheroes and magic and everything involved with Doctor Strange. He has a rich history full of interesting plot lines and dynamic characters. I was sold on Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Sorcerer Supreme as soon as he was even suggested, but seeing the latest images of him in costume I want to see this movie right now! Its a risky move for Marvel, though their last several risks turned out to be the best marvel movies ever! (I'm looking at you Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man!) I have a feeling Doctor Strange is going to surprise a lot of people when it comes out! Oh and did I mention Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Chitwel Ejiofor, and Mads Mikkelsen are all set to be in the movie? Yeah it's going to be great.

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? Absolutely!

2. Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice

Release Date - March 24th

Is it really any surprise that Batman V Superman and Captain America take the top two spots? They're only the two movies that everybody always talks about! For good reason too! The only thing Batman V Superman has against it right now is Doomsday and feeling a little bloated with too many characters. However, the cast is simply amazing. I've stood behind Batfleck since Ben Affleck was announced, and it finally seems like more people are coming around. In my opinion, he will at least make a fantastic Bruce Wayne, but I would even venture to say he'll be one of the best Batman's we've had.

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? Duh!

1. Captain America Civil War

Release Date - May 6th

Taking the number one spot is the movie we have been dying to see for the past decade. All the way back in 2009, it was announced that Disney had just purchased Marvel Entertainment, and had plans for a major cinematic universe. At the time, nobody even knew what a cinematic universe was let alone that it would become the most talked about series of films the world has ever seen. At that time, my brother and I also discussed what movies we wanted to see from Disney/Marvel and Civil War topped that list. To see that prediction finally coming to life is simply amazing. The movie features our favorite superheroes going head to head against each other, and possibly the death of our favorite star spangled hero. There is no doubt in my mind that this film will be spectacular, but can it beat Batman V Superman? That is the age old question!

Does it stand a chance of being the best superhero movie of 2016? No doubt about it!

Do you agree with my predictions? What would you change? Comment Below!


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