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With the Avengers having assembled in theaters for a second time, it's time to start looking ahead to the teams next adventure! Age of Ultron set up several plot threads that are gonna play out in phase 3 Avengers Infinity War! Here are 7 things that need to happen in Avengers Infinity War.

7. Avengers Assemble!

We've had two Avengers movies you guys and still no one said Avengers Assemble one time! But it's teased in Age of Ultron before the movie cuts off. At this point if no one says it in Infinity War fans are going to revolt. Plus catch phrases are fun and also a great way to connect the characters to the comics.

6. A Secondary Team

The comic books have included several Avengers offshoots like the "Westcoast Avengers", "New Avengers", "Mighty Avengers", "The Secret Avengers", "The Young Avengers," and the all female "A-force".

5. Give us Death

In the Avengers, Thanos turns and smiles at the camera when death is mentioned. That's because in the comics Death was a girl who he always tried to impress by killing a lot of people.

4. Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock plays an important role in the comic version of The Avengers Infinity War. And he is the one who ends up stopping Thanos but this won't probably play out in the newer version. The giant cocoon in the museum was first shown in Guardians of The Galaxy and Thor The Dark World. We would like for him to be brought in the MCU!

3. Tie up loose ends

Speaking about keeping promises, next up on our list is finally revealing what to a few forgotten characters. One is Dr. Sterns he was last seen in The Incredible Hulk movie. In the prologue comic black widow captures him and gives him to shield. The same can be said about everyone wanting Red Skull to come back into the MCU after being sucked into the cosmic cube.

2. Coulson's Return

While he was gut punched by Loki in the first Avengers movie his death was the whole reason why the Avengers assembled because of the love Coulson had for them.

1. Explore the World

The Marvel Universe is so massive that so far the MCU has been limited. So far in Iron Man 2, Marvel teased some locations but so far we haven't seen any. But we're gonna see it sometime soon!

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