ByTristan Atkinson, writer at

So whats up guys, first post here just gonna say I was not incredibly impressed with the whole Disney doing Star Wars thing, I mean seriously, STICK WITH MICKEY MOUSE!!

So ya it wasn't the best movie ever. But it was still star wars gotta give them that! It brought back all those good memories, but no its a trap :( Please feel free to post in comments about what you think about the way they brought back Star Wars!


So now on to the SPOILERS!!

Okay so how did you guys react when

Han Solo died!! RIP Han!

And then the fact that Kylo Ren only killed one person in the whole movie! (Besides A bunch of machines!)

And that one person he killed was his own dad!!

And Finn being a Stormtrooper was VERY obvious from the trailers! C'mon Disney! Really?

Well that's the end of my first post! So hoped you liked it and comment below about what you thought about it! (The movie, not my post!)


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