ByBrianna Dougherty, writer at

Rumors are going around that someone might be returning for season 5b of teen wolf. As much as I want it to be Allison if she comes back she could be a supernatural creature like Kate, so as much as it kills me inside she should rest peacefully. Aiden ended up dyeing also but last we saw Ethan he was alive and well. He could return I shipped him and Danny so it would be nice to see him again. Derrick will most likely return because even though he is not a series regular anymore he still might come back for a few episodes. Isaac I seriously hope will come back he has always been my favorite. But he has been busy with some new shoes but they didn't kill him off which is my last shimmer of hope for him. Jackson can possibly return but I find it unlikely. The last we saw of Jackson was in season 2 and he went off to London. What would he be doing back and it looked like he was happy to get out of bacon hills. I would be super happy if anyone of these characters came back because I miss all of them and ever since each one of them left it hasn't been the same. Especially since Allison is gone.


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