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2015 is now history. The Golden Globes are around the corner and the Oscars this year will be hear before we know it. 2015 was not only a throwback to Back To The Future Part II, it brought us cinematic stories of spies (Spectre, Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation, The Man From U.N.C.L.E and, of course, SPY), Marvel superheroes (Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Fantastic 4), dinosaurs (Jurassic World, The Good Dinosaur), artificial intelligence (Ex Machina, Chappie, Avengers 2, Terminator: Genisys) Samuel L. Jackson (Kingsman, Chi-Raq, The Hateful 8, Big Game, Avengers 2), Tom Hardy (Mad Max, Legend, The Revenant), black culture (Straight Outta Compton, Dope, Creed) and re-boots (too many to list). All of these elements and more come together in a montage of 2015 filmography!



“Personal Jesus” – Depeche Mode

“Shadow Lately” – Kid Cadaver

“Thanksgiving (Reprise)” – Rogelio Joseph Caedo

“Someday” – Rob Thomas

Edited by Brandon Swofford (a.k.a BMoneyrulz)

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