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Call me gross, but when I hear the term "cannibalism" I get excited. That's why when I found the trailer for the Green Inferno, well, you can imagine how excited I got. However, after months of waiting for the film to be released, I was honestly disappointed in what it brought to the screen. Being somebody who watches a lot of horrors and appreciates new ideas from producers, the storyline was rather cliche to me. Yes, "the protagonists set off on an adventure in an unknown area where they are then one-by-one killed off", which is basically almost every horror movie these days, (APOLLO 18, AS ABOVE SO BELOW, WOLF CREEK, GRAVE ENCOUNTERS) ect. The characters in my opinion were rather lacking also, the audience were only really introduced to the main female role Justine (played by Lorenza Izzo) and one of the male roles Alejandro (played by Ariel Levy) who was later left behind to die, being portrayed as the "bad guy". Considering the hype for this movie from the exciting trailer (which i loved), I didn't find it enjoyable that it took so long to finally get into the area of horror, there was too much mucking around with the college storyline and the "my father is an important person" setting for my personal liking. The cannibalism when they reached the gore however, hooked me straight back in. When people started getting torn apart and eaten on the spot, or cooked in a large fire pit and then eaten, I began to once again feel excitement that the film may have picked itself back up. But as before, that excitement was short lived when the conclusion of the film came and I was left with a head full of questions. For example, why did Justine not tell the truth about the man-eating monsters who ate all of her friends when the government gave her the chance? Why did she break the phone that had live footage of all of the horror when she could have kept it and unmasked the truth to honour her friends memories? And why, most of all, did she somehow manage to stop the war between the american soldiers and the man-eating monsters? I found it to be too many questions to simply say "oh I must have missed something", it was simple, the film lacked detail that I was craving from the amazing trailer. All in all, I wouldn't say it were a complete flop of a movie. Some parts (the cannibalism) were amazing, and I wish they weren't dragged down by the "bummer" parts. If you can answer any of the questions I found from the movie, feel free to leave a comment and prove me wrong, it's always possible that I did miss something :).

thank you.


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