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After the amazing success of the new Star Wars film Disney have confirmed that the fifth Indiana Jones movie is finally on the way. My first thought was of course that I hope to god there is no mention of 'the movie that shall not be named'.

Seriously, can we pretend that movie never happened?

“Indiana Jones—by the way, which will be coming—we still have more great stories,” Iger says during a conversation about Disney’s storytelling in the 7th minute of the interview.

Since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, and intern Lucasfilm, in 2012 rumors of a new Indi movie have been making the rounds. All four, Three, movies were directed by Steven Spielberg who has recently claimed that no one could ever replace our beloved Harrison Ford in the lead role. However their has been much support online for Chris Pratt to take the whip and become the new Jones.

Chris Pratt is favored to take the role
Chris Pratt is favored to take the role

What do you think, another movie or should we leave Indi with the current Three movies? And who would you like too see him, Harrison or Chris?


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