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Shea C Reinke

Between one half of all nerdome declaring The Force Awakens a basic reboot running down a cyclical rehash of A Phantom Menance and A New Hope, and the other saying it pays no faith to Lucas's original vision I have to wonder why a mega corp such as Disney would dismiss the original creator's influence for a world when world creators such as Margaret Wies and J.K. Rawling, novalists, are checked with for detail advice regarding their original concepts regularly. I think Disney is looking at a larger picture. Specifically regarding the popular novel series published by R.A. Salvatore. Disney and J. J. Abrams could be setting to swoop deep into popular nerdome by keeping elements of the popular late 90s trilogies.

When Han tells the pair about Luke's disappearance he mentioned a Jedi Academy, a "next generation of jedi" specifically, and a rogue apprentice. Both the academy and rogue apprentice, one of Han's children, were a prominant feature of those series. Specifically the star killer saga elements where Han's multiple children faced much of that which the dark side was capable. According to my sources, this storyline was the originally intended arc of the final trilogy. Basically a live action version of The New Jedi Academy trilogy. Starring a pair ( boy and girl ) of twins, and their younger brother named Anakin after his grandfather. A family relationship that we can see as Han faces the son that he failed in The Force Awakens.

The idea that the first episode of each trilogy in the heptalogy were intended from the outset to be cyclical recurrences is both irrifutable and accomplished. A desert orphan of "unkown" parentage finds themselves the center of a galactic star war. Launching from no one to legend in a scant few days. Destiny pulling an invisible into the interstellar spotlight they always yearned for. With traumatic growth being their reward. Finn has the appearance of a clone version of R2 and Threepio. Despite the fact that Finn is not a clone, but a child "stolen from a family I never knew" and "I was never given a name only a number" which is kind of a subtle note in such an explosive production.

A movie of its time, The Force Awakens is full to the brim with lens flare and badassery that we have come to expect from a post Fury Road nerdome. We have no "Luke Stares out at the twin suns" moments, save perhaps the brief desert scene of Rey scavenging. Then there is the near Empire moments that lead Rey from the lightsaber in the snow battle to Luke's silent Yoda like appearance that brings the movie to a conclusion. To mention, the running Han shot first moments as the nerdome icon executes storm troopers and et all that crosses his path in Mad Maxian vaudvillery.

I have hope that the next episode in the saga will be something that perhaps even has a Thrawn character, that hones in more on the tone of my personal still fav Star Wars episode, The Empire Strike Back, and ideally reaches out to the greater nerdome beyond the hard core nerdists. I do expect to see cross platform references to everything from the games to the 80's comics with what Disney is putting together.


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