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I'm a mess but hi!
Gucianu Catalina

The cute friend is the one that always cheers you up , makes you happy and cares about you.It's the type of friend you enjoy spending time with,taking pictures,and having inside jokes.

Malia is that friend that doesn't let you stay at home,ever.No matter what,you have to go at parties and leave everything behind.We all need that kind of friend,EVEN THOUGH SOME OF US DON'T HAVE SUCH A FRIEND.

This is my favorite type of friend,because the best thing I can find in a person is the sense of humor.Also,I have to admit that a weird person near another one is very,but very powerful.L'étrangeté peut être avec nous!

I'd like to say that even though introverts seem really bad friends,and you think they only care about themselves ,they can be extraordinary friends once you break the huge walls they are hiding behind.
Yep that type of friend is really cute,everyone should have a friend like that to keep him annoyed once in a while.Even though they can be competitive,I'd love to have Caroline as a friend.
I desperately need Rocket in my life but hey,he is a fictional character!
Morgan always has something to say about everything,but I think this is the thing that makes him awesome.After all,how can you not forget the fact that he is complaining about everything when he is so goddamn cute.


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