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Fret not NCIS LA fans, the show returns from hiatus on Monday January 4th 2016 in it's time slot on CBS at 10:00 PM.

After our hiatus, we find Kensi and Deeks going undercover at a decommissioned nuclear power plant as we investigate radiation poisoning of a Naval Gunnery Sargent.

Don't worry, they're ok!
Don't worry, they're ok!

The Last Episode (7x11) in review...

Last we saw the team, they were investigating the poisoning of a possible North Korean agent and find out how many more North Korean agents exist in the U.S.. With that being said, the episode saw Sam invite Kensi and Deeks to go home to spend time with his family, Hetty give Callen his "back-up plan", Beal and Nel part for a charity event, Callen enjoy a romantic encounter with his girlfriend and Hetty and Granger share a drink in the holiday spirit. With that being said, no one is in trouble at the start of our Hiatus...

To the next Episode (7x12), Core Values:

With our returning episode, we learn a lot from the pictures posted by CBS.

With the picture above, we see Sam and Callen looking inside a pipe. They are likely identifying a device that may contain nuclear materials. With Sam's experience, he looks to be identifying a way to deactivate the device before it explodes.

With that being said, we will like see Sam say "Get to safety, I got this" followed by Callen saying "I'm staying, you guys clear civilians" then Deeks advising that LAPD is doing that and Kensi with "We're staying too".

I don't want to say they have become predictable but we see one of these scenes at least once a season and considering the episode is called Core Values, this is the one time it'd make sense.

With NCIS Los Angeles renewed for the 2016-2017 season, we may see plenty of new developments amongst our cast of characters.

What are your thoughts on Monday's episode? Are you ready to tune in and see what is next for the LA team? Post your thoughts below!


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