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with just next month (February) on the 29th, Gotham will be returning for

Mr. Freeze's action. After the whole "Son of Gotham" Ceremony

Between the Galavans and Bruce Wayne in "Worse than a crime",

it's all over! Theo is dead when Gordon shot him right in the chest

and also by the penguin when he spank him by the baseball bat and strike

his throat all the way down with the umbrella.

Now i'm really concern. 2-things:

1. I know that Penguin has already becoming a villain so earlier, as much as Edward getting closer to become the riddler. But, for Mr. freeze, doesn't make sense to me at all. All 3 of batman's villains came so early to become the villains already! How's that even possible for Mr. Freeze?

Penguin and Riddler.
Penguin and Riddler.
Mr. Freeze.
Mr. Freeze.

Oh well, guess well see him soon.

With Gordon proposing to Leslie at the park, Is it all over

for his future marriage with Barbara?

Shame, don't know when she's going to wake-up.

Does he ever care for Barbara still? Or just move on with Leslie

and decide it to marry her instead of Barbara? Well, here's a trivia:

Leslie's pregnancy was written into the show after her actress - Morena Baccarin became pregnant with her second child by Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon.

Ben and Morena.
Ben and Morena.

The question is: Will she marry him as a yes-or-no?

Next, with Nathaniel Barnes still being the new GCPD Captain,

Captain Nathaniel Barnes.
Captain Nathaniel Barnes.

still thinks that Gordon is a suspect who nearly punch Theo in the court

while Mayor James is lying about who kidnap him and Galavan saying words about making peace in Gotham and play fair with Gordon (but not really).

That is so sick! There is no way that Gordon did nothing wrong,

all the captain wants is just proofs, which is totally unfair.

With Lucius fox, Alfred, Harvey Bullock and Leslie telling the truth about Gordon did nothing wrong and Theo has Bruce Wayne, Barnes doesn't believe just one thing, he's just wants proof. I want the proofs this, I want the proofs that,

Forget it! I hope there is one way that they can proof to the captain

that Jim is innocent, somehow.

Now that Theo is dead for good, what's going to happen Tabitha and Silver?

Nobody knows! Oh well.

Can't wait til Gotham Returns and see what happens on episode 12 on season 2!


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