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Warning if you have not watched season 5a of teen wolf do not continue reading there are some spoilers.


What do you think is going to happen to Stiles

A few nights ago I was re-watching season 5 of teen wolf because season 5b is coming out soon. The first time I watched season 5 episode on I was confused. I didn't know why Lydia was in Eichen House. The second time I watched it, it didn't make sense till the end. (I was really slow to pick that up). Then I realized when Lydia was having all these flash backs to senior year. I was like wait that happened and that happened already. It finally clicked but at the end of her flashbacks Stiles jeep was flipped and broken and there was fire all around. That never happened. I looked closely , I don't know if that was is just lighting or not but it looks like mercury. If someone in the show is bleeding mercury that means that they got experimented on by the dread doctors. I have some theories. Maybe they won't address it in season 5b. I don't know if that many people even noticed it. It could be nothing. I hope its nothing Stiles is one of my favorite characters so I hope they don't kill him off. That would break my heart. So here are some of my theories

- The dread doctors experiment on him

- His car blow up or something happens (That jeep has been duck taped sice the beginning)

  • - A bomb goes off there is fire and debris around and his car is flipped.

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