ByElizabeth Pleizier, writer at

Oh, I can't begin to explain how delightful this movie is. If you enjoy happy, joyful movies with a bit of emotion. Then this is the movie for you. The beginning was sweet, an old man looking for things to keep himself occupied as he came upon an internship for the seniors. It was funny in so many ways, I believe I was smiling the whole time. He ended up getting the internship and started working with Jules (Anne Hathaway) on his first day on the job, she really didn't give him anything to do, she didn't like the idea of it. Jules is the type of person who likes to work alone, shes always rushing yet always late to meetings. As the old man who's named Ben (Robert De Niro) waits around for her to finally send him a task, he decides to do things on his own by helping others. He did something that made Jules unbelievably happy which finally got her to notice what kind of man he was. She decided to switch him, move him to someone else a few days before she began to like him and she regretted it very much. Now I'm going to be honest, this movie wasn't really sappy at all, there were some emotional parts here and there but this wasn't one of them. Ben handled the situation calm and mature. The movie itself made me smile, but some parts made me feel the same emotions she was feeling.


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