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Baldwin Collins

I start by saying , this movie was what I've been waiting for, for the whole year 2015. and i assure you i wasn't disappointed . There's so much dialogue going on in this movie, Brilliantly carries the plot. Most westerns are about shoot-ups shoot-outs and plenty of horse back riding. many people call it either a opera story or another Agatha Christie Whodunit mystery. I Basically see it as a long film version of the Twilight Zone. I liked how the director Quentin Tarantino gives the scenery that old classic authentic look inside the Haberdashery store, simple plot. Eight strangers meet -up, some from a Stage coach. from a snow Blizzard the Haberdashery is called Minnies. The eight strangers not realizing the Mysterious Fate that awaits them.

However, every character in this movie is evil. Quentin Narrate's the story brilliantly giving the Audience Earlier Flash backs from Minnies Haberdashery. Samuel l. Jackson's Character major Warren is A.K.A the Bounty Hunter. who in my opinion isn't all what he claims. Kurt Russell's character john Ruth AK.A the Hangman Doesn't trust anybody. Jennifer Jason Leigh's character Daisy the Prisoner, is surprisingly, the toughest out of all the Characters , reasons Being. you have to see the movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Two actor's i Believe wasn't used enough in the move, was Tim Roth as Oswald Mobray and Michael Madsen as Joe Gage they're Characters needed to be more involved. also veteran actor Bruce Dern's character had more in my opinion, more to offer. However the Blood letting was done in the usual Quentin Tarantino style. The Classic wide screen Format is amazingly Fantastic probably setting a trend in 2016 summer movies ?


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