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Django Unchained is set to be Quentin Tarantino's most expensive film ever after, according to the warp, two filmmakers are suing the director for copyright infringement. They claim that the 2012 film is a direct copy of their very own screenplay, Freedom.

The filmmakers, Oscar Colvin Jr. and Torrance J. Colvin, say that they submitted their screenplay to a talent agency and that the man Tarantino himself was suggested as a possible director. This lawsuit claims the following;

'Took the plot lines and main story of Freedom and Tarantino-ized them,’ and that the Colvins ‘provided the heart, bones, and muscles to develop the unique idea that eventually would be transformed into Django Unchained‘.

It also describes Tarantino as a self-described ‘thief’, quoting him as saying: “I steal from every single movie ever made.” Tarantino has admitted he used several other films as direct sources of inspiration, including Sergio Corbucci’s Django.

The Colvins claim Django Unchained has ‘far more similarities’ with Freedom, The Verge reported, and they’re looking for compensation ‘in an amount in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars to be proven at trial.’


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