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The posters and short descriptions of this movie were like enough for me. I felt it’s a refreshing movie. Brought the DVD and guess what I liked it. The movie was released on 19th June of last year.


Before anything, I would like to mention how awesome Shameik Moore was in this movie. Absolutely a 5 star performance! His lead literally made the movie stand apart. It’s the type of story that was highly depended on the lead actor. Such class! Such Talent! Halfway into the movie you will feel pausing and take a moment for appreciating Shameik Moore for playing Malcom so good.

Rated by more than 32K users it has a rating of 7.3 on IMDB and got an 88% rating on red tomato. Personally, I would rate it 8/10 for the originality and uniqueness.

The story is basically with 3 high school Geeks. They are not like the not so cool and unwatchable character. They are obsessed with the 90’s hip hop and culture. They dress and do everything like they are in the 90’s! If you watch this film without knowing anything beforehand you will feel like its taking place on the 90’s for a while before you see the Iphone’s and stuff. Malcolm the lead is a pro-level geek and still plays super Nintendo. Well, overall though they get picked on a lit by others in high school. They are really the cool type. They have a god damn Afro-punk band of their own and they do get some appreciation at one point.

Malcom,Diggy and Jib- DOPE
Malcom,Diggy and Jib- DOPE

Malcolm along with his friends Diggy and Jib lives in the dark part of Inglewood, which is the home of gangs and drugs and all sorts of stuff. One of the messages the movie tries to give us it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. If you try hard enough you will be the man. The man who gets what he wants. But, yes living in such a wonderful place and getting picked on in a regular basis, with not much money in hand and getting involved in some drug business can make it a just a bit more challenging you know. Especially, when you want to become a Harvard man; being Harvard fallout I can relate to that. But, it also shows these challenges just make you better if you know how to deal with it.

Super Nintendo- DOPE
Super Nintendo- DOPE

One thing I like about the movies is the characters aren’t sympathy seeking ones like in 99 other movies. Yes, they have a hard life. So, what? They are no angel or something. Especially, the character Malcolm was never like hey audience you must like me for all these. He gets into troubles and deals with it his style. The movie brings on a lot of concept. Some scenes that might not seem very relevant to you; but, overall it gives us this feel and a lot to think about. There were scenes like some thugs ranting their philosophy on the world, obama and politics, things like bit coins, deep web etc. are mentioned which is great. It brings the film this generation feels. The film itself is very optimistic it doesn't get bogged down by all the negativity around. Malcolm and his friends do get dramatically forced into an illegal business that they would otherwise never do. But, they joy and what you may call awesome things in it was highlighted mostly.

You will feel like is it adventure, comedy? Dark humor and not dark humor! The director really did a great job here. There a lot of smart jokes throughout the movie and some of it are intelligently linked to the depth of the story. Famuyiwa and cinematographer Rachel Morrison made a perfect crossbreed of 90’s and modern day technologies which was really pleasant to watch.

I like the fact that they didn’t feel morally obliged to put down a transparent positive message and making the lead actor look like an angel. Malcolm does whatever necessary to maintain his dignity keeping his goals in mind. It’s amazing how they portrayed that how the desperation to achieve something badly can make you act sensibly. Yes, he did a lot of stuffs. But, his heart for doing well was always there. This was highlighted in an artistic way.

Famuyiqa throughout the movies uses an unique technique to tell the story. Uses split screens and freeze the action and he didn’t overuse it at all.


Diggy and Jib had about the right amount of screen time and played their roles decently.

And I am not going to breakdown what I think the real message of this movie is. Because, it’s the most important part and they don’t have any particular message, it depends on how an individual might interpret it. You will be like ‘Oh! Wait! I see what they are trying to say!’ But, wait why did he do it that? And this doesn’t go with that. Hmm this needs some deep thinking. I extremely liked the way they shuffled through different aspects without elaborating and ended up giving us something to think about.

Well, I think that’s just enough for you already. Just watch this DOPE movie I hope you will like it and of course let me know what you think. If you already did watch the movie please bless the comment section with your comments.

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