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I am a massive fan of Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl

A petition has been started for a crossover to happen between CW's Arrow and The Flash and CBS's Supergirl.

When CBS announced Supergirl, I along with all other fans were hoping for a crossover to happen, with all three shows sharing the same executive producer Greg Berlanti, and the CW being co-owned by CBS raising more hopes of a crossover.

But however former CBS Entertainment Chair Nina Tassler shot down hopes for a crossover during a 2015 interview saying 'Those two shows are on a different network, so I think we'll keep Supergirl for ourselves for a while'. I was upset by this and I want a crossover to happen between the three shows for three reasons.

  • 1) It would make ratings go up for each show.
  • 2) It would expand the Arrowverse.
  • 3) It would confirm more hopes for the Justice League appearing in Arrow and The Flash.

And the shows being on different Networks should be no problem for a crossover because like I said before the CW is co-owned by CBS and they share the same executive producer. And NBC'S Constantine crossed over with Arrow after getting cancelled but we all knew before it got cancelled that the crossover was going to happen anyway because Stephen Amell had discussions to appear on the show.

And I know some people may not care for Supergirl yet, but I think the show is one of the best shows along with Arrow and The Flash.

And it may be hard to explain the existence of Supegirl in the Arrowverse seeing how neither Superman or Supergirl have appeared or been mentioned, but I have some theories on why Superman or Supergirl haven't been mentioned.

  • 1) They are mentioned off screen.
  • 2) Supergirl takes place after Arrow and The Flash.

I am really hoping for Supergirl to crossover with Arrow and The Flash and that's why a while ago I started a petition to help Supergirl and Constantine crossover with Arrow and The Flash, but when I learned Constantine would crossover with Arrow I removed Constantine from the Petition, but I would like to see all four shows crossover at one point.

I have even written my own script for the crossover and it includes many references to other DC related stuff and even includes a reference to the upcoming Batman v Superman movie.

Here is the link to the petition, please sign and share to help get CW and CBS's attention for the crossover to happen.


Will an Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover happen?


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