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With just a couple of weeks to go, we will soon be feasting our eyes on some new and hopefully fresh footage for the upcoming DC/WB Suicide Squad film set for release August 5th 2016. Set to premiere two days before the CW's new Arrow/The Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, we will also be treated to interviews with cast and crew of the upcoming Batman v Superman film set to premiere in just a couple of months.

What I'm hoping to see on that very special night, are some more clues to the plot and mission of the Skwad. We know that Amanda Waller will definitely be in charge of their assembly and task in the film, given what we saw in the Comic-Con trailer from last year's DCEU blowout. What we still don't know however, is whether or not they will be tasked with taking out the Joker after seeing what appeared to be the villainous killer breaking out of Arkham Asylum in the aforementioned Con trailer. That is one possibility, though might the Joker be some wildcard, monkey wrench thrown into the mix who is there only to torture the squad and undo their mission, ultimately in for his own demented gains?

And where does Margot Robbie fit in all of this as Harley Quinn, time-wise? We see that the Joker apparently abducts her before she becomes Harley during the Arkham break-out scene in the CC trailer, yet is this just an origin story for HQ or is there more meaning to that shock therapy torture scene that will have further relevance in the main plot of Suicide Squad? Hopefully, we'll see some more of that particular relationship in the coming weeks.

Speaking of duos, what about those of the dynamic sort? We know that Batman will make an appearance in Suicide Squad, but when and how does he appear? And might he be bringing along Robin or Nightwing? We see that he has a chase scene with Joker and Harley. It would be interesting to be clued in on when that scene takes place. A Joker/Batman face-off in the trailer would be outstanding, though they may decide to just focus on the squad.

We also hear from Kevin Smith himself, on a recent podcast of his (Fatman on Batman) that the trailer will have more humor in it. I'm personally hoping for some Harley Quinn smart-mouthing at Croc or something of that nature. My guess is what we will be getting from Suicide Squad is that of the black comedy variety; morbid scenes and scenarios being turned around to make the audience laugh at the grim nature of these characters. I'm all in for something like that.

Lastly, I hope we get clued in on who Scott Eastwood is throwing down as in this cast of miscreants. Rumors have been circling the wheelhouse for months that he's either Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) undercover…or Jason Todd. Probably Jason Todd (kidding).

Whatever the case may be, it seems we're in for one hell of a night, come January 19th with these specials.

Let me know what you hope will be in the trailer in the comments below!


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