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I love batman, and DC.

People have always thought of Batman and Iron Man as equals and they have the same abilities and it is hard to say who really wins.

Batman. Hold on, don't accuse me of biases just yet.

Here is their abilities:

Iron Man:

--Strong Suit




--Tech Genius


--Martial Arts

--Every type of fighting style in the world

--Suit stronger than Kevlar(can even block heat vision)


--Shock Gloves

--Can See everything using videos of cellphones

--Can disappear

--Tech Genius

--Gadgets for every possible scenario

--Name itself brings fear into criminals

--Peak human physical and mental condition

--Master detective


So let's say Iron Man faces off against Batman, He throws his repulsor beam. Batman can disappear, or just use his suit which has been known to have even blocked Superman's Heat Vision. Batman can take out an EMP from his utility belt which almost always has the right item at the right time. Batman can also fry Iron Man's circuits using his shock gloves or taser. However Iron Man can't do that to Batman because unlike Iron Man, Batman's suit doesn't depend on electricity.


What do you think?


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