ByAnita Purrell, writer at

Joy is not another classic film about an inspiring story full of love and passion. It's inspiring in an unconventional perspective with its lack of cinematic means it produces a more relative story to an audience rather then the expected blockbuster drama most people would want to see on Christmas Day.

The raw vibe of the film may not connect with viewers who are in that holiday mindset but David O. Russell fans will appreciate this authentic work. This film tells the story about Joy Mangano who fights past every obstacle to achieve a lifestyle of what she perceives as the American Dream. The combination of the films setting, script, characters and the interactions with each other helped deliver an honest performance. Joy breaks from the traditional 60s lifestyle for being an independent motivated woman who has her eyes on wealth rather then Prince Charming. This draws attention to the fact that not many films pay tribute to female success. One may connect to Joy's unsupportive dysfunctional family and theirs sole communication of dry humor. In addition to these cinematic elements, the chemistry between the cast and the interpretation of each character results in a heartfelt feature.


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