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A/B sorting is a weird and amazing thing.

When voting A/B, you compare one from a pile with another drawn at random... Over and over and over again.

It may sound simple, but the wisdom of the crowd can reveal some amazing things.

Want to see for yourself?

Then vote.

As many times as you want. As many times as you can stand! Tell your friends; tell your family, tell your dog and your cat to battle it out. Right here to click the survey:

"Which Star Wars movie?"

Whether "best" or "favorite" or "most likely to endure forever", doesn't matter. Just choose, between two at a time, and choose and choose again.

Next year, I'll add Rogue Squadron. Til then, I'll keep writing articles, and keep checking in on this poll.

May the Force be with you.


Current results by percent of times chosen per round

The Empire Strikes Back (V) - 80

The Force Awakens (VII) - 72

A New Hope (IV) - 69

Return of the Jedi (VI) - 57

Revenge of the Sith (III) - 45

Attack of the Clones (II) - 19

The Phantom Menace (I) - 7

Think you can shift it?

Check out my other musings: The Living Force of Star Wars. More to come! Much more...


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