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(Warning! Potential SPOILERS lie below for the movie everybody has been talking about. Please proceed with whatever kind level of caution you feel is appropriate for this scenario...)

2016 is going to be a fantastic year full of superhero goodness! If you can't wait for the next superhero movie to hit our screens (Deadpool February 12th for those of us in the US) then this article might satisfy your superhero hunger for a little while. Recently we gained some more insight in what we might see from this summer's highly anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Where exactly did this new information come from? Merchandise. A company has to make money, and tickets just aren't enough, so movie companies sell merchandise to go along with their films, but have they revealed to much? You be the judge!

Superman T-Shirt

This shirt is pretty cool, I must say. While we've seen the phrase "False God!" in some of the trailers, this t-shirt is further evidence that people hate Superman. My guess is he's been blamed for the destruction of Metropolis and people want to kick the alien off of this planet! (Can you really blame them?) The shirt itself does give away too much, but don't be surprised if their is a lot of suspense centered around Supes being a bad guy.

Batman Toy

Again this toy doesn't give us much new information. Batman is awesome. We already knew that. He needs a lot of armor not to be crushed by Superman (is it even a fair battle?)

Wonder Woman Shirt

This shirt is even cooler than the Superman t-shirt. It doesn't give us any plot info, but it gives us a much better look at how Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will look in the new movie. The amount of detail is astounding, he shin guards are awesome and not piece I had noticed before. If anything it is worth noting she is wearing some sort of blue cape or scarf of some sort in the image on the right, so a few questions come from that. Is there a hood? Does she use it to hide her awesome armor? Or her identity?

Batman V Superman Comic Panel Shirt

We took drawn characters, brought them to life, and then drew artistic versions of the real life characters. This shirt is seriously cool, the monochromatic palate jives with the original images we had of the film, though the red eyes of both heroes is a key focus.

Aquaman Plush Toy

This is the toy that speaks the loudest! Seeing as Aquaman is the only other character to have received any merchandise at this point it seems likely he is playing a much larger role than we ever thought! It is good to see that the creators are staying true to the characters color palate, though this will likely be muted in the finished movie. The only image we have so far of Mamoa's Aquaman is a monochromatic headshot, so seeing this plush gives us some information on what his costume will look like. No shirt, green pants, and golden shoes, seems fitting for the King of the Sea.

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Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016


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