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January has a lot of great films coming out, from the wide expansion of The Revenant, to 13 hours. But, there are still some bad ones too *cough cough* Norm of the North *cough*. But, every film has to earn some money, whether it flops or not, so let's predict the box office for all wide releases in January!

Note- I didn't include The Hateful Eight because that opened truly wide on December 31st, and all box office estimations are North America only.

January 8th

The Forest- This movie is your typical January horror film, but actually has an original plot. The unique plot may boost ticket sales, but overall should play like a normal horror film.

Opening- 16 Million

Finish- 38 Million

The Revenant- This movie has done extremely well in its limited debut, but how well it does in its wide debut is what matters. This plays to an older audience and is opening around awards season. Need I say more? It will obviously be a hit, but it's 135 million production budget may hold it back just a little.

Opening- 40 million

Finish- 180 million

January 15th

Ride Along 2- The first film did very well in January of 2014, and so should this one. It might open a little lower, due to lack of buzz and the sequel curse, but should do well.

Opening- 32 million

Finish- 110 million

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi- The newest film by director Michael Bay looks pretty great. Say what you want to say about Michael Bay, but I actually love his films(yes, even the Transformers movies). This film is almost guaranteed success for 2 reasons:

1.) A Michael Bay and Paramount movie together always make tons of money

2.) This is opening the same weekend as American Sniper did last year, which was also a war film and opened to about 90 million.

It won't be as big as American Sniper, but it sure will be a success.

Opening- 50 million

Finish- 175 million

Norm of the North- This film looks like garbage. I am a huge fan of movies, and when I don't like a movie, you know it sucks really bad, as I love most of the movies that come out. But, this one is so unoriginal, has a unoriginal plot, has cheesy voice actors, terrible animation, predictable characters- I need to stop. Long story short, I think kids will wait and see King Fu Panda 3.

Opening- 16 million

Finish- 40 million

January 22nd

The 5th Wave- I thought this was coming out on the 15th, but movie hype has changed it to the 22nd, so I'm not sure when it's coming out, but I'm trusting the newest update. Anyway, Chloe Grace Mortez stars in this action movie based off a popular YA novel series. Sound familiar? Given that it is based of another YA series, I think most audiences will just yawn. But, Mortez will attract a lot of viewers, and die hard Divergent fans will flock all over this.

Opening- 35 million

Finish- 90 million

The Boy- A familiar setting but not a bad plot. It's a creepy doll movie, but the ot beyond that is sort of and is original. I think this will perform better than The Forest, given that the creepy doll genre already has a fan base.

Opening- 19 million

Finish- 48 million

Dirty Grandpa- Zac Efron's last movie, We Are Your Friends, flopped terribly, and this looks like it will do the same.

Opening- 15 million

Finish- 36 million

January 29th

Kung Fu Panda 3- The last film in the franchise opened with about 47 million and I think with lack of kids movies coming before it, it should open with about the same as the second one.

Open- 45 million

Finish- 160 million

Fifty Shades of Black- Fans of Marlon Wayons spoofs will show up, and A Haunted House grossed 40 million in North America. This should do a little more, given that it is making fun of one wildly popular movie, and all the men who hated it or don't want to see it will see this.

Open- 18 million

Finish- 45 million

The Finest Hours- This looks like a big flop. It about appeals to the same audience as Into The Heart of the Sea, and that movie flopped really bad. This should do more than that movie, but should still be a huge loss for Disney.

Open- 15 million

Finish- 38 million

That's it for January. Thanks for reading, as it does take a while to type and make this list. Join me next month for February box office predictions, or check out my December box office predictions to see how accurate my predictions were!


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