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Sam Plank

Let's face it. 2015 was the Year of Butthurt, no doubt about it. Not only did the whiney, whimpering crowd overpower everyone and everything, there was more bullying, more horrific trends ( buns...), and more Kardashians in the news than ever before. On top of that, the body-shamers were out in full force once again.

Once in a while, however, the shamers get shamed right back to the shame rocks they crawled out from under. This time, it was in a BIG way, straight from the fingers of Carrie Fisher!

Take a gander at how this 59 year old sassy gal handled the trolls. She starts off with the one-two punch:

And ends with a light saber to the knee-

HELLUVA way to close out the year, don't you think?


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