ByJohn Erick Torres, writer at

Terra Nova is a great series. When I began to saw it I was very exited about it. Love the theme to time travel to another time. It was amazing to see the dinosaurs and amazing sceneries. The adventure was every step of the way. I think that they did an amazing job, and deserve to go on to the second season. It get fans everywhere. I have show it to friends and family and all of them love the series, and were very disappointed to heard it will not get a second season. I don't know what does FOX thought about it, but they have lost the oportunity of a lifetime with this original series, that is PRETTY AWESOME ALL THE WAY! I myself, my wife, and family rewatched now and then. I know that what we all want is the revival of the series, but if is so costly, then at least finished the story with a long movie, so fans like me can rest in peace seeing the conclusion of the series.


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