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Or maybe the one that will result in ending my account...heh

This fan theory spans multiple universes, billions of years, and every possible crack and crevice I could fit on two sheets of 3x5 notecards, front and back. It starts with a vile little creature, who was once a Hobbit. Gollum, in the end, got what he wanted back; his precious. But in doing so, fell to his death in Mt. Doom. Apparent death, I might say...

Just as the One Ring was forged in the fires of Mt. Doom, and had immense power, the moment Gollum hit the lava, another great power was born.


NOW HOLD ON! Before you tie me to a chair and force me to listen to Justin Bieber music (the old stuff, not the new), hear me out. Galactus, you say, before he was this planet-consuming, he was an explorer from the planet Taa, who went by the name...

Wait for it...


That's right! It's super close to Gollum, so it totally works.

Well, during Galactus' planet-eating heyday, there were some Secret Wars, where he tried to consume Battleworld, so the Beyonder could take his insatiable hunger away. Who foiled his plan?

Dr. Doom!

Mount? Doctor? Same name? Coincidence? I think not!

As a result of the Secret Wars, Galactus (temporarily, of course) “dies,” and becomes a star. Remember this; it'll be important later in this fan theory that will end your desire to ever read another fan theory again.

Well, the “death” of Galactus brings about Abraxas, who's way worse that Galactus. This forces the children of Reed Richards, Franklin Richards and Valeria Von Doom to bring Galactus back, and Mr. Fantastic uses the Ultimate Nullifier to go back in time to prevent Galactus' “death.”

Galactus goes on to eat the Korbinite home world, which releass Tenebrous and Aegis, who later capture and deliver Galactus and the Silver Surfer to Annihilus. He binds Galactus, Drax frees Galactus, and Galactus sends the Silver Surfer to fight Tenebrous and Aegis. He defeats them by drawing them into the barrier between their univers and the Negative Zone, destroying them.

Does the Negative Zone remind you of something? Another zone, maybe?

OH YEAH! The Phantom Zone.

Now, like other huge fan theories, I can't prove my next point, but I can sure stand by it and guard it like a rabid bunny and his purple carrot.

I believe that the Phantom Zone and Negative Zone either exist right beside each other, or one is in the other. The Phantom Zone is probably inside the Negative Zone, seeing how the PZ is just a prison. But going on.

Inside the NZ, there's a city called Ootah that covered half of the planet it was built on. The inhabitants built an artificial brain for it. Sound familiar? Has to be this guy-


Ignore everything the comics tell you about the origin of Brainiac...this is his true origina story! The destruction of Tenebrous and Aegis cause some sort of breech in the zone, and Brainiac was set loose upon the universe. He was infamous for shrinking cities, like Kandor and Metropolis. His shrinkage power didn't just stop at cities, I believe. I'm pretty sure he took on entire galaxies, too. Maybe this one rings a bell?

You got it!

Brainiac started the war between Earth and the Arquillians in Men In Black.

But I digress.

Before he shrunk the galaxy on Orion the Kitty's collar, I'm 190% sure that a white dwarf star in that galaxy exploded, and a chunk of it floated through space until it landed on Earth, and was found by...

You got it!

Ray Palmer, better known as the Atom!

Fast forward in time a bit to a time known as The Identity Crisis, where Sue Dibny, The Elongated Man's wife, was murdered, kicking of the crisis. They figure out it was a micro-man after looking at her brain and finding itsy bitsy footprints. Turns out that Ray Palmer's estranged wife swiped his shrinking tech and zapped herself into Sue's brain, all in an attempt to get Ray back in her life. She gets committed, Batman creates a cool satellite, the Infinite Crisis happens, leading to Superman eventually creating the Miracle Machine, something he got the idea for from Brainiac 5.'re seeing it all come together now, aren't you?

No? Well, hold on to your Jay Garrick hats, because you're going to!

The Miracle Machine's purpose was to turn thoughts into reality; to grant wishes. And what have we all made a wish upon as children?

no, not the death star
no, not the death star


More specifically, Galactus!

Anyway, back on my original winding track.

Using the Miracle Machine, Superman is able to defeat Darkseid, with the help of a few thousand superfriends. But while being obliterated, omega beams from Darkseid hit Batman, transporting him back to the time of the caveman, where he draws a bat on a cave wall.

During his quest to get back to his own time, Batman travels forward through time in leaps and bounds, even reaching the end of time itself. But on his way there, and hold on to your unicorns, because this ride just got really crazy...he becomes...

Space Ghost!!!

Come on, you can't deny it, the resemblance is reMARKable.

Well, during one of his many battles with Moltar-

Space Ghost realizes Blip-

Is in danger, so Ghost sends him back through time in a space ship, where he crash lands on Earth.


Space ship?

Crash landing on Earth?

Where, oh WHERE have we heard this all before?


Blip, not Caesar or Semos or whoever, was the ape that started it all!

This is where I have to end my Fan Theory To End All Fan Theories, simply because I'm running out of movies.

Feel free to comment on just how amazing this fan theory is in the comment section!


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