ByChristiana Willbanks, writer at

Black Widow is a strong female super hero with a dark and mysterious past that is increasingly intriguing. There are plenty of male super hero movies, yet Marvel has yet to make one just for a girl super hero. A Black Widow movie would make a HUGE profit and please fans greatly. A good idea would be to include Hawkeye as well, so we could see how their friendship formed. In Avengers Age of Ultron she tells Bruise(Hulk) she can never have kids either because that was the 1 thing that could be prioratized over a mission. We could see what happened during her training and see her in a new light. We would see how she turned from a trained assasin to the amazing super hero she is today. She doesn't have super powers, but instead she has training for bad she uses for good. There are so many questions that aren't answered like: How did her and Hawkeye meet?, What was her past like?, Is Hulk her love interest or Captain America? How did she end up being trained as an assasin? Was it a choice she made? What happened in Buddapest? (mentioned in Avengers as they were fighting Natasha says it's just like Buddapest and Hawkeye says its funny he remembered Buddapest very differently) How did her and Hawkeye become such great friends if theynstarted out on opposing sides? With Natasha's role only as a side character these questions can't be answered. We need a movie about HER so we can find out all these questions. Natasha is loved greatly, but we really don't know too much about her. There is plenty of money to be made from a movie abour her. She has a strong fan base that would LOVE to see a Black Widow movie. Why shouldn't there be? I find it sexist that they can make so many male leading super hero movies (don't get me wrong I love them) and not make one for Black Widow. Dare Devil has a movie, Iron Man has 3 movies, Captain America is getting a 3rd movie, Hulk has plenty of redoes of his movie, Thor has 2 movies, Spider man has 4 movies. Now there was a TV series for Agent Carter, but no movies for our female heroines. I want to see a Black Widow movie I KNOW that it would be very popular. There is money issues, BUT if you think about all the money to be made with this movie it's worth it. What kind of message are they sending to girls who watch Marvel that sure girls can be stromg, but guys are just better. NO. Girls can be tough and intertaining and get plenty of views. Girls deserve a chance to break through and star in a Marvel Movie. I want to see Black Widow do this we know her we have seen her she has attracted our attention is that all we are gonna get? We know everything about our male super heros (not including Hawkeye I mean we JUST found our he had a secret family in Avengers Age of Altron!) Why can't we learn more about Natasha. The thing is Natasha is more of a mystery than any of the others, yet we still don't get to know abour her! We NEED a Black Widow movie. Please give us one!


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