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As we know, If Universe 7 wins they will get the Super Dragon Balls. Super Dragon Balls are each about the size of a planet and has much more power than normal Dragon Balls. On the other hand, if U6 wins the earth of the 2 universes may get exchanged.

Now, Goku thinks there will be no bad impact on earth it will just be in a different universe leaving no negative impact. When Goku inquired to Beerus about this he kind of ignored the question. So, we are not yet sure what is really on stake.

Most of us have taken it for granted that Universe 7 will win. But, what if they lose? What happens then?

I actually see a lot of logical reasons which made me think that universe 7 has a high possibility of losing. Akira Toriyama said that he wants to introduce a lot of new characters in Dragon Ball Super. And we just got six new fighters in one chapter. And The only way we can see them on action again after the tournament is if the earth’s gets interchanged. Or Goku and Vegeta go to Universe 6 for doing something or they come to universe 7 for something. And with type of characters in that team like Heat,Frost and Cabe. I believe they were created for more than just one chapter.

Universe 6 Fighters and Goku-Vegeta
Universe 6 Fighters and Goku-Vegeta

Besides, if Universe 7 lose; and the earth gets interchanged, we will have a fresh plot with possibilities to get a lot of new characters. I mean how many time in this universe will an opponent keep coming who is strongest ever and King Kai pretended to not know him earlier?

While if we have all our fighters in universe 6 they might have to protect the earth themselves from entirely new opponents. There could be so much to explore with so many races. And I bet the story could go like they defend earth on Universe 6 and try to get it back on 7 again. Because, 7 is safer; then by the end there could a re-match or something.

Otherwise, the tournament might have a much unexpected ending. Maybe no one wins. Maybe due to some kind of accident universe 6 and 7 gets merged. Or maybe this is a build up for us to witness other universe. Or the earth could get attacked meanwhile with only Gohan being there. Akira Toriyama is good at giving surprises. So, be ready for that too.

Till then let’s wait and hope to see something amazing.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 7-8
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 7-8



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