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Teen titans go is a spin- off of one of my favorite shows, teen titans. People who have never seen that show NO they are NOT the same thing.

When I first saw this (I can't believe I'm actually saying this) I actually liked it. Then I saw the original and hated the stupid spin-off they had made of the original. In this post I will be listing MOST of the reasons why it's no good

1.) it mocks the original. Tons of fans of the original were really ticked off about this. The original ACTUALLY had people fighting in it, while teen titans go just made episodes based around them watching tv or whatever. Nothing interesting.

2.) bad messages. While the original taught you good lessons like teamwork and perseverance, teen titans go teaches you stuff like if you wink when you lie, it's not really lying. This isn't the only one. Another example is love your garbage and it will love you back.

3.) lame humor. I just need to comment on the humor in this show. It stinks worse the a dirty gym sock that's been barfed on. Do they really think that a waffle song is going to keep people my age entertained? Sure it might be interesting for a 2 year old but my brother is that old an would fall asleep from a second of watching it.

4.) younger viewers think it's the real teen titans. This is the problem with little kids. When there's a spin off of the real show, they think it is the real show, and the real show is the spin off.

5.) my little pony knock offs and video games. They take a ridiculous amount of respect to their tv. In fact, there is even an episode where they said your brain rots without tv, so according to them, my parents have raised me wrong and today my brain rotted because a barely watched tv. They also ruined some of my favorite video games and made a my little pony knock-off, which I was real mad about because mlp is one of my favorite shows .

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