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With Jessica Jones wrapped up , he media is abuzz with how magnificent it was. Recently I had the good fortune to also watch the Netflix series and I have to say that along with Daredevil, it has been quite a ride. However, the second season of The Flash is still in full swing, only waiting for the mid-season to start. As such, I have read and listened to many debates about, of course, which is better. As always, fans of both sides are going at it with quite a lot of energy with a good bunch of people being in a third side, claiming that so many superhero shows will, as always, lead to over-saturation.

So to begin with, let's start with a small comparison and reviews of the shows we will be talking about. Marvel has three major series going on right now, those being Agents of SHIELD, Jessica Jones and Daredevil. I have not seen AoS and I admit to not being a least bit interested by it so if it's all right with you guys, I would rather not talk about it. As far as I know, it isn't really good anyways. Daredevil and Jessica Jones however are brilliant, showing a gritty, realistic sided to the often quite cartoony and dare I say it, comic booky Cinematic Universe.

To avoid spoilers, let's just say that Jessica Jones is a series about a private investigator who has a man from her past return and muck things up in her life, endangering her and those she, well, 'cares' about. Jess herself is played brilliantly by Krysten Ritter and the whole show is just amazing, apart from a few things. David Tennant as Kilgrave was a great choice but he did not play who I thought he did. Before I watched the series, I heard he was a great bad guy, menacing and dangerous. While he really was dangerous, I found him to be something like a mini-Loki, without the sympathy factor. He was unlikable and I hated him with a passion, which is great for a villain, but from the word-of-mouth I expected him to be a bit more suave and in control. Of course he was not a bad part of the series. In fact, I was rooting with the a protagonists to finally catch him. The end of the series was satisfactory, if a bit anticlimactic.

I loved Daredevil although I found that it became a bit unfocused by the end. We saw less and less of Matt Murdock and more of Foggy, the Russian mafia and Kingpin. It was not a bad thing since they made one of television's best villains and Vincent D'Onofrio was, as always brilliant. He was strong, sympathetic and menacing by the end. The problem with it was that we knew more about him than of Daredevil, hence the series becoming a bit unfocused. Still, I think the series is incredible and I was really glad I watched it.

Coming to DC's side, we can start with the Flash, my most favorite shows going on right now. I love this series even if it's ridden with mistakes and problems. First of all, the family/personal drama is often misplaced and handled a bit clumsily but the dialogue is incredible, snappy and delivered really well. Even among any of the shows mentioned previously or after, I think this one has the best actors. I have not seen many of them before and even when I did, I did not pay much attention, but in this show they are all shining brilliantly. Cisco's jokes always hit top marks while Barry can be both quirky, heartfelt and badass at the same time. Some of the female cast is questionable like Iris who, in my opinion is just plain bad while Patty in the second season is weird but I love her performance nonetheless. Joe is one of my favorite side characters ever while Tom Cavanagh as Wells steals the show.

I have watched quite a few seasons of the Arrow and the jury is out on this one. Of the four in battle today, I like this the least but I still think it's well made. Amell as Oliver always gives a strange performance in my eyes. I don't know, his delivery as Oliver Queen was always questionable, like he was reading his lines all the time, but he shines when he's the Arrow. The only other actress I should mention is Emily Bett Rickards as the gorgeous but incredibly well written Felicity Smoak. Oh, I wish she would be in the Flash instead... anyways, the show is really well done, if not having a few bad decisions made in the past. The first season was all the best in my opinion as far because the island parts still held some mystery and we wanted to uncover it as much as we wanted to see Oliver find out in the present what happened to him and what he needed to do with his talents. Holding his back to everyone he loves, shunning them and disappointing them only to let his mission survive is often heartbreaking.

Okay, let's see here. Almost comically enough, the Marvel series seem to switch with DC when it comes to tones of their shows. Jessica Jones and Daredevil are dark, gritty and realistic, just like the newly budding DC Cinematic Universe. The Flash however is quite close to what the Avengers are in the movies, at least when it comes to tone and style. Admit it, if we'd put the Flash into the MCU as a Netflix series, it would fit right into it. Okay, which one is better then? DC or Marvel? Well, obviously it comes down to personal taste, since a lot of people love both, so who am I to judge? So this is just my opinion. That out of the way, and without any pull to one side or another, my opinion is that I love the Marvel TV shows better overall, however they, in my mind, are not comic book series. Daredevil is a brilliant crime drama while Jessica Jones does have super powered individuals, I just can't be on that side. An online reviewer I shall not name for reasons but I love to listen to regardless said that he loved JJ because if he'd remove the comic book stuff, it would be as brilliant. Better yet, it might even be better. He said it as a compliment but in my mind, it wasn't. When I sit down to watch a Marvel of DC series, I want to see superpowers. Sure actors, effects, story, writing, they are all important. Still, if I want to watch a crime drama or a police series, I'll do that. I don't need my main character to be called Matt Murdock or Jessica Jones to make it interesting. If we'd called them something different, nothing would change.

In DC however, you can't pull out the comic book stuff. Barry can't be the Flash in a Flash series, he can't stop running because his powers, the responsibility that comes with it and the changes it causes in him and those around him is an important part of the universe. Sure the characters might become a bit unrelatable. Sure but that also comes down to personal taste again. Superpowers have always been metaphorical to real life problems and people dealing with that is one of the reasons we are interested in superheroes, that and seeing awesome stuff like battles of both fists and ethics. Having powers in a comic book show is important and even though Arrow doesn't use that much, they are often against it, which is also really important.

In my opinion then, DC is a bit less well made than Marvel, but makes what is important much more better. What do you think?


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