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All cinephiles and film nerds have movies we love that we try and keep from our peers. My list, while many would likely agree as most of mine are comedies, don't ring well with the film crowd. Apparently Mike Myers early films struck a chord with me as "So I Married an Axe Murderer" and "Waynes World" 1 and 2 are some of my favorite childhood comedies. There was one summer I watched "Waynes World 1" twice a day every day. That was on VHS, which means it too patience in order to watch it twice!

I am opening myself up to ridicule by said film nerds for admitting such a thing. However, let's be clear...for most of us these movies are not on our list of fantastic films, but have a special place in our hearts (or funny bones). These movies are easy to watch, have great moments, and memorable (usually quotable) lines. We love them like an obese child loves Twinkies...we know we shouldn't, but if no one is looking they are getting shoved in our mouth.

The opposite of this is also nerd have movies we know we should watch, but for some reason haven't. Until two days ago, I've avoided watching The Godfather. I am happy to report that after 33 years of life, and probably 20 of those not watching a movie many claim to be the best , I loved The Godfather. I watched part II yesterday, and not as big a fan. However, it was still a solid film.

This is in an effort to watch seven movies a week, every week, for the entire year. Each film is getting a review written about it or my experience with the film (as what could I really add about the Godfather except my own experience with it) at My reviews for Godfather I & II are both up and would love for you to check them out.


What are films you're afraid to admit you've never seen?


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