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A recent report has informed us that Star Wars: Battlefront has sold over 12 million copies to date. These remarkable figures support the fact that EA announced they'd be releasing more Star Wars: Battlefront games in the future. Seems that the series has only gotten started! But the first game isn't finished yet, what with several DLC packs on the horizon.

If you've purchased the Season Pass for Star Wars: Battlefront, you've 4 DLC expansions to look forward to. These packs will introduce various new maps and planets, new game modes, new weapons, and 4 new heroes and villains. But it's the last part that has everyone talking. DICE and EA recently confirmed that Star Wars 7 is NOT in Star Wars: Battlefront or any of its DLC. Bummer. So who does that leave us with from the original trilogy?

Not Only In Force Awakens, Looks Like Chewbacca Is In Star Wars: Battlefront Too

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

As you may know, when you achieve certain stats or achievements in Star Wars: Battlefront, you unlock statues of various Star Wars memorabilia which you can access from the main menu. Once unlocked you can zoom in and examine the highly detailed models of Stormtroopers, heroes, villains, and ships. One such ship is the Millenium Falcon and it has a little surprise if you look close enough.

Take a look in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon and you'll see Han Solo seated inside with his furry friend, Chewbacca. Therefore, it seems that Chewie is already in the game, which leads many to believe that he will indeed be one of the heroes you can play as in upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront DLC. It makes complete sense. You can check out Chewbacca in Battlefront below!

Star Wars 7 Is Out, So What Else Does Battlefront's DLC Have In Store?

But seeing as we're supposedly getting 4 heroes and villains - assumably 2 of each - what heroes and villains remain for us to play as from the original Star Wars trilogy (we really wish [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) was in the game)? We recently had a chat with Moviepilot fans and some of the suggestions for characters have been pretty awesome! Unfortunately, nothing from the prequel trilogy is in this game either - no Clone Wars characters I'm afraid. So here are some of the suggestions for characters in Battlefront:

  • Rebeka Warrior: Bounty hunters for the empire maybe? ig88 and bossk would be awesome. Lando and chewie are perfect for the heroes.
  • C Swags: Old obi wan, lando, chewie, and force power only old yoda for heroes, villains would be greedo, jabba, a sand person, and ig 88.

I couldn't agree more! Would love to see Lando, Greedo and ig88 in [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021), but what about you guys? Let us know in the comments!


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