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Baldwin Collins

The star trek universe celebrates it's milestone this year 2016, for decades in Being the most successful film/ t v franchise of all time. which in my opinion, should be acknowledged by the Guinness Book of records. However That's just wishful thinking on my mind. The original t v show was conceived and created by the late Gene Roddenberry t v producer, the proposed and produced pilot episode titled ''the cage '' (1964) was filmed at Desilu studios. According to Roddenberry, the television Networks we're more into Westerns and Detective shows, So the Sci-FI space drama was a hard pitch to sell.

the pilot starred Hollywood then rising star, Jeffery Hunter as Captain Pike. unfortunately the Finished and ready to Broad-cast episode was rejected by the television Network. they re-ordered a second pilot. The second pilot was made, this time with new cast members, Leonard Nimoy's Character was the only one who returned to the second pilot. which this time starred William Shatner as Captain james t. kirk The pilot was titled '' Where no man has Gone before'' and aired on NBC t v September 8. (1966)

The show was successfully received, and continued airing until June 3. (1969) with three seasons, totaling 79 episodes. was cancelled and ended-up in Syndication, Star trek started making a come Back in re-runs around the world During the 1970's era. Today the Star trek Franchise is a universe by itself achieving a cult status world-wide, Consisting, Five television series, feature films, with '' Star trek Beyond'' to be released this summer. Books, Games, Toys, you name it 'Star treks'' Done it,

Today the Gene Roddenberry's Legacy lives on with it's fans. Happy 50th Anniversary ''Star trek'' ''live long and prosper'' for another 50 years.


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