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Warning: It may go without saying, but this article does include spoilers for The Force Awakens. If you do not wish to have the movie given away then please avoid reading this article.

By now the majority of you have been to a theatre and watched the next entry into the Star Wars saga, and as for most of you, you probably left the theatre pondering upon the many unanswered questions presented by the movie. These questions have led to the development of many fan theories, the largest topic being centred around the main character's origin. In other words, who are Rey's parents?

The Theories

Rey is the daughter of Luke

Luke Skywalker as he appears in the first trilogy
Luke Skywalker as he appears in the first trilogy

The idea that Rey is Luke's daughter, has a lot of detail backing it however, it is met with a lot of criticism as many believe this does not fit with Luke's portrayed character. Luke is a Jedi Master, and through the course of the six movies prior, it is generally accepted that the Jedi don't believe in relationships and having children as it can lead to fear which therefore ultimately leads to the dark side of the Force (as seen with Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader). Although this was a rule of the Jedi order which fell with the rise of the Empire, so it is possible that Luke could have disregarded the rule if not being unaware of the rule all together.

Rey is the daughter of Leia and Han solo

Han and Leia from Star Wars Battlefront III
Han and Leia from Star Wars Battlefront III

Another theory is that Kylo ren and Rey are brother and sister, this is supported by the idea that Leia is the only person of 'Skywalker' descent that has been confirmed to have had a child. And the other reason being Han's oddly swift offer for her to work aboard the Millennium Falcon, with little to know reasoning as to why. Fans have also made an interesting but likely coincidental connection between Rey and Kylo Ren/Ben as having the same letter count in their first given name. another supporting idea being the fact that the Millennium Falcon itself was on Jakku, along with Rey.

Rey is a relative of Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi Wan Kenobi as he appears in the 'prequels'
Obi Wan Kenobi as he appears in the 'prequels'

Now here is an odd one, some fans have speculated that Rey may be a Kenobi. The idea holds some 'water', as the lightsaber that she was given had once been in the possession and for the most part possessed by Obi Wan. And during her vision after touching the lightsaber, you could hear Obi Wan's voice speaking to Rey in the same manner he spoke to Luke, this may also be a connection to Luke however. Also when held hostage at the Starkiller Base she showed impressive talent in using the Jedi Mind Trick, a power that was used multiple times by Obi Wan throughout the saga.

Rey is not a relative of any main character

Anakin Skywalker as he appears in the 'prequels'
Anakin Skywalker as he appears in the 'prequels'

The final theory involves Rey being similar to that of Anakin, a person of unknown/mysterious background who is 'the chosen one' by the Force. While this is a definite possibility, there isn't enough information backing this stance.

My Perspective

In my opinion the most fitting answer is that Rey is Luke's daughter, and there are a lot of reasons as to why I believe this. The connections are fairly obvious and for this reason strongly suggests that this is the intended belief.

My reasoning

The Star Wars saga has always been centred around the Skywalker family from Anakin to Luke, or I guess Luke to Anakin? I see this as a major factor as to why Rey would be Luke's daughter, however I have also come up with quite a list of info supporting my stance. A common argument against this being that it's against the Jedi code to have a relationship, marry and have children, which would be true, however you must remember the Jedi code was something that existed along side the Jedi council, of which wouldn't really have much of a stance after the fall of the council and the rise of the Empire and in Luke's era. Another possibility is that he followed along the same path as Anakin until he deciding to follow the 'true' path of the Jedi leaving behind his family after the destruction of his 'Jedi academy'. This seems more plausible because it would explain why Rey was left on Jakku by her mother, as it may have been a result of her mother not knowing what to do with her, because Luke had left them to be in isolation. Another reason could be that after the attack on Luke's 'Jedi academy', and after isolating himself for his own safety, Rey's mother left her on Jakku to protect her from those looking to destroy the Jedi, and those that could become one.

Process of elimination

It is heavily implied that Rey is a Skywalker, this is reinforced by the fact that she is naturally gifted at fixing things, much like Anakin was, as seen aboard the Millennium Falcon, and also in many scenes on Jakku. She is also an amazing pilot, again much like Anakin and Luke were, as seen when she piloted the Millennium Falcon. Another link can be seen in the facial similarities between Shmi Skywalker and Padamé Amidala, implying that they are related. Thus you can almost completely rule out her being of a different descent, it's still possible but seems highly unlikely.

Rey has also been thought to be Leia and Han's daughter, although that idea doesn't make a lot of sense, as if she were their child Rey, Han and Leia would have sensed it. However at no point in the movie do any of them show such recollection. And you would think Rey would recognize Leia as being her mother. And if leia was the mother why would she abandon her child that is almost, if not the same age as their son of whom they raised? Leia and Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) both had a sense of their 'direct' family members, Leia could sense Han Solo's death, and Kylo Ren could sense when Han was at the base. So with that, why would that not be the same with Rey?

When Rey touched the lightsaber, she was given a vision of which, made some people believe that she may be a descendant of Obi Wan given his voice over. However the explanation about the lightsaber after the vision, was heavily based around Luke owning the lightsaber, with no mention of neither Anakin or Obi Wan owning it prior. This is likely done to draw a parallel between Rey and Luke. Also people thought that Rey's accent was similar to that of Obi Wan, however accents are not hereditary, which kind of ruins that theory.

And then there is the final scene of the movie, where Rey hikes her way to Luke standing upon the peak, almost as if he is waiting for her. And he looks at her without question of who she is or where she is from, as if he knew her. Which is clarified in the actual script, stating somewhere along the lines of him not needing to ask who she is and that his facial expression should explain it all.

Finally, there is the most recent news and possibly the most solid link between Luke being Rey's father. That being a line of dialogue in the recent addition into Disney Infinity, in which Rey and Kylo Ren fight and at about 20:30 into the video (link down below) you will here Kylo Ren mention what sounds like "Face me, cousin", which only gives one conclusion that she is Luke's Daughter. This one may be a stretch but it seems fairly conclusive.

Author's Note

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