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The Hateful Eight is Tarantino's latest movie and perhaps one of his bloodiest movies, and that's saying something. I went in to this movie not knowing what to expect, aside from buckets of blood, and when the film started, I was even more unsure. It opened up with a screen saying "overture" and some really well done music. As you can imagine this came off as a bit strange, and its not the strangest thing in this movie. During the first half of the movie Tarantino's trademarks are in full force, long drawn out talking scenes and his bizarre twisted humor that we all love (or are disgusted by depending on your taste in humor) but there's one thing missing: the gore.

The first half reminds me of a suspense novel this is primarily due to the fact that the film is mostly the characters talking to each other and establishing themselves. This is the part of the movie that's probably the most off-putting, I was scratching my head and thinking to myself, "where is this movie going?" Fortunately the movie does pick up at the very end of the first half where Samuel L. Jackson's character tells another character something both equally hilarious and equally F***ed up. Then there's the bizarre inclusion of a intermission after this particular sequence finishes. I understand the movie is attempting to be more like older films, but having an intermission in a movie that's already approaching three hours is a problem.

This is also another problem I have with the first half, it could've been condensed down quite a bit and the film would've flowed a bit better and the audience wouldn't feel so...worn out.

After the intermission, the movie kicks it into high gear and we get classic Tarantino, explosions of blood and gore. Also this is where the story makes complete sense and the finale is pretty satisfying.

One thing I have to praise this film for is the cast Samuel L. Jackson is perfect in this movie for the life of me I can't think of anyone who could replace him. If you thought he was crazy/ funny in Django Unchained, you're in for a treat. Kurt Russell is hilarious as well but more in a stern crusty old man kind of way. The rest of the cast is perfect and no one feels out of place or unfit for their role.

So to sum everything up, do I think its a good movie, I'm going to yes. But only if you generally like Tarantino movies and know what to expect and even then, you'll have to get through an hour-plus of talking and character interaction before anything actually happens on screen and I have a feeling this can be a turn off. Also once again the movie's length comes into question, now I'm not against a length movie at all, (I generally like the Dark Knight Rises) but where other movies are long but are paced in such a way that they don't feel so long, this film feels as long as the runtime. This is probably due to the overture, intermission, and the first half of the film.

This movie had me laughing, scratching my head, wincing, and I am going to cautiously recommend it based on what I've already stated above. That's why I'm giving it a 7.5 instead of an 8, I would give it an 8 if it wasn't for some of the somewhat off-putting elements.


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