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Hello friends of the JCU! Got a quick post because we have a movie poster for Jurassic World 2! I am still not too sure if it's an official (most likely not) but it's still good to get something. Here it is!


So on the poster we see a t-rex and (can it be?) a velociraptor fossil form? I would imagine since both the t-rex and the raptor have been in every JCU movie to date.

Also to note the world Evolution written on the bottom of the movie logo. We have been hearing all this news of people to evolve in the next film (click here to read more) We can expect our lovely Claire Dearing to grow the most, also the actual work of creating dinosaurs and anything extinct in general. More of this science is expected to grow and to spread among other scientist in the movie.


Rumors have been spreading of a possible T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus rematch! Many fans were upset about the fact that our fan favorite t-rex didn't get the gold against the "new" dinosaur. Fans on twitter and facebook made a petition which caught the eye of JW Director (and soon to be JW2 producer) Colin Trevorrow.

We can only hope for the best!


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