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I´m a big fan of batman stuff.
Batman Low Poly by Lucian Bruno Schlogl.
Batman Low Poly by Lucian Bruno Schlogl.

Actually, I think the reasons were the costume, the character and the awesome story.In addition, all these stuff like movies, animated series and TV series has always been fascinated me.
I´ve always loved this amazing superhero since my childhood. Once, when I was about seven years old, I dressed me up as batman (pretending how it would be to fly on that, ha-ha) and jumped up from my grandmother´s window. Of course, I got frustrated by not flying ,and not by falling out of the window and get hurt, anyway.

Therefore, that´s why I chose this character to make this illustration. This is my first digital illustration in low poly and I really got excited about it .I just hope to make others soon. Thank you for the attention , guys!

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