ByFreddy Semprun, writer at

The Last Of Us had an impact on my gaming experiences, the story has a great plot and the iconic part is the fact that the Joel gives the feeling of loss and regret a lot of meaning, personally my favorite character was Joel, like many I guess, but Ellie is just as much key in the story as Joel is. To me it would be great that Naughty Dog would do a 50/50 thing, continue that unforgettable ending, where Ellie is older and Joel and her living in Tommy's stronghold, and then cut off where Joel could most likely experience Ellie's hate because of her finding out how everything went down at the hospital SOMEHOW, and they could cut off to Joel regretting and taking us back to what happened throughout those 20 years of advance that led Joel to Boston, explain all his issues with his brother, how the government was taking the infection the first few years, I think this idea would be solid!



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